Seniors, disabled impacted most in dangerous SF crosswalks

ktvu – excerpt (includes video)

According to city data, San Francisco has the dubious distinction of being the second most dangerous city in America for people simply trying to cross the street; only New York City has more pedestrian fatalities.

Seniors and those with disabilities demonstrated just how precarious crossing the street can be and why they want the city to lengthen the amount of time on pedestrian signals…

The SFMTA says it’s already improving cross times from four feet per second to three and a half feet per second and improvements to Masonic and Geary are already underway.

“Once the light turns green you have a tendency to just to step on the pedal and go and may not be looking directly in front of you at the intersection of someone who may not have been able to cross,” said SF Supervisor

Sandra Lee Fewer who walked with the group around the intersection to get a feel for the timing of the lights. Lee Fewer said she was stuck by a car as a child so fighting for pedestrian rights is important to her… (more)

2 thoughts on “Seniors, disabled impacted most in dangerous SF crosswalks

  1. A bullshit story put out by the sfmta having walksf organize this crap lying to the seniors. A while back they had the same issue. They added lights to intersections and change the timing of the lights so that people had more time to cross. Then sfmta decided to go pro vision zero, pro bike and anti car and change the timing down to 20 seconds what it is today.

    Take for example 17th and mission. When 17th street is green you only have 10 seconds to cross mission. It use to be a lot longer that’s why you see 17th backed up twice as usual.

    They created the problem(“safety issue”) on Geary street. Sent walksf to the neighborhood to say they would like to “help them”. This is to help push the Masonic project and the Geary brt. To help their arguement in the name of “safety”. Here is an example If they really cared…. what if I need to pick up my disabled grandmother on market street? I cant drive down market nor turn on market.

    Deny access to some neighborhood and streets and try to promote more access to other streets by adding a red carpet lane and brt?? Really now?
    You have a couple of senior housing along Vaness. I did see them organize for ACCESS and safety when they decided to restrict left turns and remove a lane for BRT?

    Don’t get me wrong. People should have more than enough time to cross the street esp those with disabilities. But whatever the sfmta does today is not to help people it’s to screw with the cars. Pedestrians getting hit by cars on Geary right??? What’s the damn point if the sfmta is causing so much traffic that an ambulance can’t get to them? What’s the difference they’ll die in the street while the ambulance is stuck a block away.


  2. SFMTA eliminating the walking person sign and putting it on red while the green light is on, does not work! Again SFMTA at it’s worst. Creating more fatalities and accidents, it’s not the cars or people. It’s SFMTA with it’s stupidity!!!


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