Protected bike lanes not considered for Golden Gate Park for beauty reasons

By Joe Fitzgerald Rodriguez : sfexaminer – excerpt


This group of bikers is crossing the street on the Panhandle bike path that starts of masonic and runs into Gold Gate Park. Photo by zrants.

New protected bike lanes won’t grace Golden Gate Park anytime soon because the barriers may detract from the park’s beauty and interfere with marathons…

“We discussed [protected bike lanes] with MTA,” Ginsburg said. “This is a longer term endeavor.” Approvals for the projects already in the pipeline will come before various commission and boards in August, including Rec and Park and the SFMTA, with input from the San Francisco Fire Department(more)

There may be some other reasons for this decision, however, there are multiple off-street bike paths through the park and there is ample room to put in more bike paths if they are needed. No need for bikes to “share the streets” in Gold Gate Park when they can be off-the-street paths. We have biked through the park on family outings on those paths from Masonic through the panhandle.


2 thoughts on “Protected bike lanes not considered for Golden Gate Park for beauty reasons

  1. This is all bullshit. Making it seem as though there is a discussion on trying to find the “best solution” while not affecting the park.

    The truth is plans were already approved about 2-3 years ago to either remove parking or a traffic lane for a protected bike lane for both directions along the panhandle. What they’re trying to do is figure out how to continue a bike lane say along fell street and then into the park. Once into the park how do we fix the existing bike lane protected by parked cars after removing parking. Which again has already been approved. Last I checked I think it was to be a raised bike lane unless they have changed it.


    • I suspect that the pubic outcry re: access for emergency vehicles and a number of irritated supervisors may be putting the breaks on some on the many SFMTA plans. We also believe they are running short of cash for such things, as they are embarking on a number of really expensive projects that are not expected to bring in revenue. There are also a number of legal cases that may be gaining some support for the opposition both here and in Southern California. Stay tuned.


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