Ford GoBike (Bay Area Bikeshare) Update

Potrero Boosters August Meeting agenda includes this issue:

In Boston, it’s Hubway, sponsored by New Balance; in Portland, the Nike Biketown. Chicago has the Blue Cross/Blue Shield Divvy, and New York has the CitiBike. And now the Potrero has Ford GoBike, an expansion of the newly rebranded Bay Area Bike Share. Bike pods have appeared at 16th and San Bruno, in front of Whole Foods, at the Arkansas and 17th corner of Jackson Park, at Mississippi and 17th, and at the 19th and Minnesota corner of Esprit. They’ll soon be at the 22nd Street Caltrain Station.

The recent expansion has not been without controversy. Further expansion plans promise additional pods in the southern parts of Potrero Hill and Dogpatch, extending into Bayview.

Justin Nguyen, the Outreach/Marketing Coordinator of Motivate, the company operating the Ford GoBike (and the other cities’ bikeshares mentioned above), will respond to our questions and comments regarding the program.

If you want to go find out more about Motivate and the Ford GoBikes, here is your chance. If I were going I would ask these questions:

What does this mean? “the newly rebranded Bay Area Bike Share” We assume the new brand is Motivate, which we recently learned from a program on KQED radio program, is the private/public entity that was created between MTC (the regional pubic funding entity that distributes government taxes and grants) and, what appears to be, a private corporate entity or entities.

Three questions arise from this information:

  1. Re-branding: What was the original brand before the re-branding?
  2. Expansion: Expansion of what? Who or what was in the original organization and who or what is in this iteration? Which government agencies or departments are involved and which private or corporate entities are involved in this deal?
  3. What is the government’s role and goal in these partnership agreements?

As a voting taxpayer, one must determine where or not this is a proper task for a regional transportation funding organization and how this effects our eagerness to pay higher taxes knowing how they are being used.

How did all of these contracts get signed by our government officials without our notice or discussion or consent? Do we want a government that excludes public from the discussion until after the contracts are signed? Are these legitimate contracts when the pubic is kept in the dark until they are signed?


Program_Agreement download here

4 thoughts on “Ford GoBike (Bay Area Bikeshare) Update

  1. Sfmta must be broken apart. Muni takes care of muni. Parking takes care of parking. Planning takes care of planning. Prop E should be repealed.

    That being said bikeshare stations will soon be 2-3 blocks apart. According to the sfmta the bikeshare “proof of concept was a success”. Their reason for the expansion. First “bikeshare pilot” was only about 350 bikes. The expansion today is another 4100 bikes.

    So here’s the bullshit. I posted a 208 page document that stated all funding and finance spending budget etc for the sfmta on here. I think that document was dated 2015? And showed a budget for 2016-2019? Something like that. Anyway in that do. It shows over $100mil broken down into 4 years being dedicated to bycicles which includes Bikeshare. Yet only today are they saying the pilots were a success and need to be expanded as if they didn’t have this shit planned out when they included it in their budget a few years back.

    Anyway here’s “phase 1” of bike share expansion. There are 2-3 phases but they’ve only released phase one. They need to think of more hot steam to blow up our asses before releasing the other phases…

    Click to access 2016-04-18b%20SFCTA%20Information%20Item%20Bike%20Share.pdf


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