Sliding scale parking meter program could range from $8 to 50 centers an hour in San Francisco

ktvu – excerpt (includes video)

– A sliding-scale parking system could cost drivers anywhere between $8 to 50 cents an hour according to a new pay-on-demand system being considered by the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency.

It’s called “demand-responsive” pricing and operates under the premise that the higher the meter rates, the quicker people will free up spaces, the San Francisco Chronicle reported. The pricing all depends on the volume of parking. High traffic areas – and higher prices – include neighborhoods like the Marina and the Fillmore.

Supervisor Jeff Sheehy blasted the plan as a financial hit on already stretched middle and working-class families… (more)

Thankfully someone is concerned about San Francsico’s middle and working-class families.

1 thought on “Sliding scale parking meter program could range from $8 to 50 centers an hour in San Francisco

  1. Take a look at the Committees and board assignments this guy is part of before you praise him. He’s very much pro plan Bay Area pro sfmta pro vision zero etc.

    As if to say hey look I’m fighting for you remember me next election.
    He just shot out a couple of words to blow smoke publicly. He’s full of shit.

    The bay bridge has 3 different toll fares depending on time and days. This what they are going to do with parking.

    The meters are already electronic so times and pricing will be adjusted by computer making the busiest times and neighborhoods in San Francisco their max price whatever that will be. Their stupid argument is while we are changing permit parking to me it 10 times harder to use permit parking which really means shrinking the permit parking areas while removing more parking from those areas. And while we will be removing an additional 3600 parking spaces across the city we want to impliment adjusted pricing to free up spaces to make it easier for people to find parking.

    Great concept.


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