Chariot commuter van service temporarily halted in San Francisco

By : bizjournal – excerpt

UPDATE FRIDAY: Chariot said it’s commuter service in the Bay Area wasn’t operating on Friday morning as it awaits approval from a California Highway Patrol review board to resume operations. The transportation startup said it would notify customers via its app and through text emails when rides start, which it indicated may be soon...

Chariot said a California Highway Patrol inspection had found some compliance problems but that it would be resolved soon.

“We are committed to always providing our riders with safe and reliable service, and we comply with regulatory orders even when we disagree with them,” Chariot said in its text…

Chariot is the only private transit vehicle operator company in San Francisco and will have to bear the majority of costs for the permit program. The agency said it was not the cause of any temporary shutdown of Chariot on Thursday.

Over the last two years, SFMTA received 62 complaints about Chariot, including that its vehicles stop in Muni bus stops, double park, block driveways and idle in streets….(more)


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