De Young Museum tries to slam brakes on making Golden Gate Park car-free Saturdays year-round

By : sfexaminer – excerpt

For half a century, John F. Kennedy Drive in Golden Gate Park has been car-free on Sundays to the enjoyment of walkers, cyclists, disco-dancing roller-skaters and more — but similar Saturday closures, enacted a decade ago, only span the summer.

Now, an effort is underway to make the popular thoroughfare car-free on Saturdays year-round, the San Francisco Examiner has learned.

Opposition, however, may kill that effort before it’s even officially proposed to the public.

Mark Hollein, director of the de Young Museum that’s located near John F. Kennedy Drive in Golden Gate Park, laid out the museum’s opposition in a Sept. 7 email to San Francisco Recreation and Parks Department General Manager Phil Ginsburg, which was obtained by the Examiner.

“I received your message regarding exploring the potential of extending the current six-month closure of JFK to a year-round closure,” Hollein wrote. “I cannot lend my support to additional road closures in the immediate vicinity of the de Young.”… (more)

Separate the bikes from the cars. Cyclists can ride through the park instead of on the streets. There are plenty of bike trails through the park and they can just as easily put in more bike paths as bike lanes. As some have pointed out, children are better off not breathing the exhaust, and the cars do not drive through the park, they drive on the streets. If you really care about the cyclists, give them their own bike paths inside the park.

1 thought on “De Young Museum tries to slam brakes on making Golden Gate Park car-free Saturdays year-round

  1. Cars and bikes used to travel through the park no problem even before that fake protected bike lane.
    This no cars on Saturday is a scam just like they have done with twin peeks.
    The real idea behind this plan is to not to drive through the park as way of a shortcut and instead cause triple the traffic on Lincoln or Fulton.

    In a way it’s discrimination and a violation of civil rights. Although the constitution and supreme courts gives our rights to access public lands by any means sf is trying to limit those rights. Racist against anybody that owns a car after having the right to purchase own one and the right to drive one. Yeah sure I know people call it a privilege which is completely wrong. Again Supreme Court ruling is no drivers license needed to drive anywhere yet one must follow city rules. A drivers license just helps cities keep track of who follows rules. This city is trying to make all of that illegal which is against the law and want to cause havoc all over the Richmond and sunset districts. Wait until protected bike lanes are implemented on Fulton and once that Geary bet happens where’s everybody going to go?

    Restricted travel by restricting ones means of travel.

    This is where your parks and recreation fund ballot measure money is going. All parks remodeled with parking removal included in remodels. Same with school and housing bonds. Where do they get the money for sidewalks around new developments with no parking? Housing bonds the developers don’t pay for it. We are passing bonds and paying to fuck ourselves.


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