Why split the SFMTA?

I believe the Supervisors did not appreciate the type of open-ended contract they discovered when they investigated the Van Ness BRT project. I’m not going to describe it here. You can watch the many hearings that have been conducted on the contracts and delays. I’m not going into the financial shenanigans.

Other investigations into major mistakes made on projects such as the ones on Potrero next to the General Hospital lead to questions about communication within the department and SFMTAs dealings with other city agencies. At a public neighborhood meeting we discovered that the Project Manager for Potrero Ave. is also Project Manager for at least one other large project. This leads us to believe that they have bitten off too much to do well and need to put all new project starts on hold while they finish the ones the ones they have going now.

Disputes with the Fire Department and other city agencies involved in emergency operations along with daily transit meltdowns concern people who are responsible for handling a major disaster. How will a gridlocked city handle the next earthquake or other disaster that cuts off power when so much of our lives are electronica now. There is no evacuation plan. The plan is to shelter in place. That doesn’t work under all circumstances.

While you are at it, pay attention to public comments, especially where the bus stop removals and other inconveniences are opposed. Spitting SFMTA (not Muni) has less to do with cars and more to do with providing the service the Muni riders want instead of ignoring them. A business that ignores its customers will not survive long. In this case, the sales tax increase failed because no amount of lies and excuses will convince people they should pay more for less, especially when the salaries are not keeping pace with the tax increases.

The voters much approve the split and restructuring of the SFMTA by ballot.

Supervisors want to split municipal transit agency in two — here’s why

4 thoughts on “Why split the SFMTA?

  1. Splitting them up and repeal of prop E would be the best way.

    However, what they propose does nothing. What this does is give department and traffic a way to manage their own crap while sfmta completes its projects. When you take a look at Vaness ave you see those dumb orange cones or traffic barriers? Instead of sfmta managing when those are placed and where and when meter maids direct traffic they will do it themselves. Get it? That’s all this split is going to do nothing more. It will not stop stupid sfmta projecte as this proposal has nothing to do with any of that. Traffic will still communicate with sfmta etc. sfmta/sfcta/muni will still control planning and still try and implement their stupid plans. Traffic and parking will be its own division but sfmta/muni/sfmta will be its parent company. It’s CEO of you will with parking managers reporting.

    Unless it’s a full and complete separation including planning department with elected officials for all 3 departments absolutely nothing is going to change.

    This is their vision/city’s vision. The real reason for all of this crap going on and is what needs to be stopped. Yes it starts with icle and abag and now with brown saying F trump California will continue on its own with the Paris agreement. It’s 75 pages but explains everything

    Click to access cap_draft_full_document-final1.pdf


    • Let’s wait and see the legislation. So far we only have seen two items, splitting the SFMTA and changing the appointments to give the supervisors more board members. Both of these moves will cut the power of the SFMTA, or at least give the voters more of a say in how they operate. This is step one in the process.
      I agree. We do need to know who the “stakeholders” are who were talked to.


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