Transportation gentrification: How Bus Rapid Transit is displacing East Oakland

by youth scholars at Deecolonize Academy and POOR Magazine : sfbayview – excerpt

We youth scholars from Deecolonize Academy and POOR Magazine submitted 14 FOIAs – Freedom of Information Act requests – to 14 departments in the City of Oakland, only to receive a series of messages from two of the departments saying, “We have no documents,” and no word from the others.

On Jan. 16, we will be making a demand to the City of Oakland and AC Transit that, with the money they received for BRT, they support Oakland residents to be able to stay here as reparations for the millions of dollars they are receiving to displace us out of here. If you would like to join us, please email

This article basically sums up what we have been observing and reporting on for the last five or six years. Public transit funds are being used to displace “vested” residents here and on a world-wide basis. The gold standard has been replaced by the biggest LAND GRAB in history. Instead of relying on cornering a commodity, the robber barons are rapidly grabbing up the one truly limited resource on earth.

They started by grabbing control of our public streets, claiming our once free streets “streets are not free”. Once they “take” our streets, they take our homes, that they refer to as “housing”, claiming we can’t afford  any more.

Unfortunately, our early warnings were correct. Now what can we do about it? This series of articles offers helpful information and suggestions on ways to fight back. Let your political leaders know that you know what they are doing,and who they are serving whether they know it or not.
Some action items and contacts at the state and city level:

Low-income housing units lost in Oakland, study shows
Anti-eviction Mapping Project shows how housing for poor people is being replaced with housing for tech workers…(more)


by Zion Angeles

My sweet home is becoming a jungle of hell…

Background story

We went to the mayor’s office on Tuesday, Nov. 7, 2017, around 1 p.m. We entered and brought in a FOIA…

Bus Rapid Transit gentrification

by Tiburcio Garcia

In yet another effort to “improve” our city, the AC Transit, along with the City of Oakland and the City of San Leandro are working on a project called Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) that will “make our bus routes faster, safer and more secure.” This is just another excuse for corporations to gentrify our “up and coming” neighborhoods that most of us have lived in our entire lives…

Investigating Bus Rapid Transit

by Amir Cornish

The constructions worker was wearing an orange and bright yellow suit vest.

When I saw the water go on the payment and when it touched the ground, it splashes like a water park pool party. Then I saw some bikes lanes on the road. It is a great thing to take bike rides, but we need space for cars to park. When I saw the streets, it was like a river flowing through my heart.

I was on the corner of International and 82nd Boulevard. It was a construction site for Bus Rapid Transit. They are slicing the streets in half because they are taking three lanes to build BRT…

My Oakland home – stolen

by Ziair Hughes

My home is being taken from me. They say Oakland is a beautiful place, but why are our people living on the boulevards and streets?…


As of the publishing of this youth and family WeSearch report, the City of Oakland has denied that they have any documents relevant to any of our 14 FOIA requests, even though ALL of the websites and public relations material states clearly that the City of Oakland is a funder of the billion dollar BRT.

In finality, the point we are making is that the expansion of this transportation agency is directly leading to gentrification. We are seeing this happen in our neighborhood now, but it has happened before…

Deecolonize Academy is a revolutionary, intergenerational school for the people and by the people, teaching relevant, conscious, arts- and science-based education for our children ages 3-18. The school, along with POOR Magazine, is located at Homefulness, 8032 MacArthur Blvd, Oakland, and can be reached at 510-435-7500, via or on Facebook. Learn more at Deecolonize Academy...(more)






3 thoughts on “Transportation gentrification: How Bus Rapid Transit is displacing East Oakland

  1. Thanks to the “SF Bay View” for seeing and reporting on what some of us have been warning about for years. It is good to see such wisdom coming from young minds. It is also refreshing to see an ability to communicate and express the frustration many are feeling in such a coherent and helpful manner. The solutions to the manufactured “housing crisis” are coming out of anti-establishment movements from all sides of the political spectrum. Trust no one. Do your own research and learn how to work within the law to effect change where possible. The more people follow their own path and do their own investigations, the better off our society will be. If the government fails to educate the public, it is up to us to do so.


  2. well we already know about plan bay area etc. This has to do with sustainable development and the environment and climate change. I this point I’m starting to believe its a hustle if you look at the money and the taxes they will make. Anyway they know this plan will cause this placement. Which is why they created something called the internal displacement project. This keeps track of displacement studies it and then come up with a solution to tackle it. So far the solution today is to keep building giving developers incentives on our dime making it cheaper for them to build and running costs of apartment buildings. Changing zoning and building laws. For example if the law required a developer to build a unit of a minimum of 400sqft. It has been changed to 300sqft making it smaller and cheaper hence “affordable housing”. New homes being developed today are no longer single family style homes with a backyard. They look like town homes and are a lot smaller. There is urban displacement .org and also IDMC. IDMC will have a little more information on how displacement should be taken care of as it happens. They all know it will happen and is happening no matter how much crap they put out there. The cities probably wouldn’t have the numbers and may not be lying. You have to look for the exact group bullshit non profit non government organizations that will have the numbers Similar to those Ive stated above. This is a pyramid. I cant draw it here but its united nations, to ICLEI to associations of goverments by regional states, Then association of governments by regions within the states and all of these non profit ngos. Anyway check out the urbandisplacement website and IDMC website. That may help them with some numbers or atleast give them info on what crappy non profit like spur in oakland would have the exact numbers. SFbay should also walk into the oakland ICLEI office and ask questions.


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