Charter Amendment – Jurisdiction Within City Government Over Parking and Traffic Matters

Here is the first draft of the language put forth to as a proposal to amend the charter that establishes the authority of the SFMTA, referred to as the SFMTA Charter Amendment ballot initiative. Please review this and let your supervisors know how you feel about this amendment. Contacts are here.

FILE NO. 171309 First Draft, 12/12/2017

BOARD OF SUPERVISORS  [Charter Amendment – Jurisdiction Within City Government Over Parking and Traffic Matters, sponsored by Safia and Peskin. Read and follow the updates here.

Describing and setting forth a proposal to the voters at an election to be held on June 5, 2018, to amend the Charter of the City and County of San Francisco to eliminate the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency’s jurisdiction over parking and traffic regulations; to grant the legislative authority over parking and traffic to the Board of Supervisors; to create a new Livable Streets Commission and Department to manage parking and traffic; and affirming the Planning Department’s determination under the California Environmental Quality Act.

Existing Law:

Currently the Charter grants the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) exclusive jurisdiction over local public transportation, taxis, and a variety of parking and traffic related functions. The SFMTA Board has legislative authority to adopt regulations related to parking and traffic. The SFMTA Board also serves as the Parking Authority Board with responsibility over a number of garages.

Amendments to Current Law:

The proposed Charter Amendment would eliminate the SFMTA’s exclusive jurisdiction over parking and traffic issues, and taxis. It would create a new Livable Streets Commission and Department that would have authority over parking and traffic functions and taxis. The Livable Streets Commission would be comprised of the members of the Municipal Transportation Agency Board of Directors. The Board of Supervisors would have legislative authority over parking and traffic. Under the amendment parking and traffic functions under the responsibility of the Livable Streets Commission include:

  • Setting rates for off-street and on-street parking, and all other, rates, fees, fines, penalties and charges for services provided or functions performed by the Department;
  • Controlling the flow and direction of motor vehicle, bicycle and pedestrian traffic;
  • Designing, selecting, locating, installing, operating, maintaining and removing all official traffic control devices, signs, roadway features and pavement markings;
  • Limiting parking, stopping, standing or loading as provided by state law and establishing parking privileges and locations subject to such privileges for categories of people or vehicles as provided by state law;
  • Establishing parking meter zones, setting parking rates, and selecting, installing, locating and maintaining systems and equipment for payment of parking fees;
  • Establishing policies for the enforcement of regulations limiting parking, stopping, standing or loading and the collection of parking-related revenues and, along with the Police Department, have authority to enforce parking, stopping, standing or loading regulations;
  • Cooperating with and assisting the Police Department in the promotion of traffic safety, among other things;
  • Having authority over taxi-related functions and taxi-related fares, fees, charges, budgets, and personnel; and
  • Coordinating the City’s efforts to address emerging mobility services.
  • The proposed Charter Amendment also provides that the Livable Streets Commission would serve as the members of the the Parking Authority
    Commission. The Livable Streets
    Commission would have authority over City-owned off-street public parking facilities, except those specified as under the jurisdiction of other City departments.

The proposed Charter Amendment provides for an operative date for the transfer of jurisdiction and the creation of the Livable Streets Commission of July 1, 2019.

(First Draft, 12/12/2017)


4 thoughts on “Charter Amendment – Jurisdiction Within City Government Over Parking and Traffic Matters

  1. This is a sucker’s amendment. Sfmta already has a livable streets division. If you take a look of their responsibilities nothing changes. Try and also take a look at the sfmta livable streets division. The purpose of this amendment is to take the heat off of supervisors that have been hearing thousands of complaints. Of course sfmta takes the blame for everything. So what they are doing is saying hey ok we will seperate it from the sfmta since they are the cause of all problems. What they are not telling you is that this livable streets commission will be created within the livable streets division of the sfmta.

    Put it this way. If you took the sfmta board of directors that vote for all of this stuff and moved them to another division and re-naming them to livable streets commision. Get it?

    More bullshit. To make it real is all boards and omissions should be dissolved. Sfmta should be completely taken apart. Muni should be its own department with its own director voted in every 2 years with a yearly review. Department of parking and traffic should have its own director voted in by the citizens every 2 years with a yearly review.

    You do that then you dissolve all of these dumb divisions along with the sfmta. Their livable streets will be gone their none profits they find will be gone. No more crap. Once all is set and done then you move on to all major street projects and changes are approved by city supervisors after listening to citizens. Citizens say no supervisors say no. Simple!

    This amendment does absolute nothing it’s a scam to make supervisors look good to their citizens. They are moving a group of people from one office to a different office and renaming them. Plans to ruin our streets under the disguise of “vision zero” will not change. This is a lie and a double screw.


  2. SFMTA needs to be better regulated by the people of San Francisco! RED lanes on Mission Street, taking away bus stops, taking away parking spaces has impacted small business, seniors, disabled and parent with children.

    Had SFMTA listen to the community on the impacts they affecting the Mission and other neighborhoods this types of proposal would have not been created.

    SFMTA was not honest with the Mission residents! They never told us the red lanes were an experiment! WE only found out when we took our case to Sacramento and we were SHOCKED to find out these red lanes were an experiment !

    People feel powerless, fustrated and upset that SFMTA made no changes dispite several postive proposals from the community that were great solutions !

    All proposals to fix the problem they created fell into DEAF hears at SFTMA!


    • Nothing is an experiment. Knowing many citizens are against any dumb ideas what they do is say listen this is not permanent. This is only a temporary experiment if after a year we find in our studies that this works we will then leave it. If not we’ll remove it. Well the only study that’s every made is which of the busy streets should we fuck up next. After s yesr offering no proof they release a report stating the pilot was a success and they leave it. There are no experiments calling it that is just a sales pitch to the public. And for the record the removal of stops is what sped up muni 1-2 minutes. Not the red lane. The red lane was remove a traffic lane and parking.


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