King of the Roads: Uber takes the crown with this deal.

Op-Ed by Zrants

Uber partners with JUMP after SFMTA handed them an exclusive e-bike deal, sort of. It looks like Motivate/GoBikes will be adding some e-bikes to their stations soon. How they will handle the battery charging program appears to be up in the air at the moment.

Market Share: Uber, Apple and Amazon are driven by the same lust for power and dominance that drove GM, GE and Philip Morris to conquer their markets. I don’t trust Uber any more than I trust Elli Lilly or Bank of America. These corporations are expert at hiding their holdings.

Holding Companies: This article on Motivate describes some of the corporate entities in back of GoBikes and leaves no doubt what motivates them to invest in bike share companies.

Corporate Deals: According to articles in streetsblog, and SF Examiner, Uber not only made a deal with JUMP, but, SFMTA negotiated a compromise between Uber and Gobike/Motivate, to would assure they did not have to compete with each other. Will it take a Charter Amendment for the San Francisco voters to get this level of attention and concern for our well-being?

How do taxpayers feel about paying for Ed Reiskin’s time and attention to these corporations who are taking over our public streets for profit? SFMTA officials are focused on supporting corporate interests and planning for our future in 2045 instead of finishing the major capital projects that are behind schedule, way over budget, and disrupting our lives. Could this be why the Central Subway and Van Ness BRT projects are so screwed up and we have grid-locked streets? Ed spends his time making deals?


Uber’s latest venture is a bike-sharing service in San Francisco. It’s working with dockless bike-sharing startup Jump.

By Mallory Locklear : engadget – excerpt

Uber’s piloting a new service in San Francisco alongside dockless bike-sharing startup Jump. Uber Bike will let users rent one of Jump’s 250 bikes, charging $2 for the first 30 minutes and an additional per-minute fee thereafter. Jump was granted a permit by the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency earlier this month, which made it the first company to operate a dockless bike-sharing program in the city. Jump’s 250 bikes should launch around the city between now and March and the SFMTA may allow the company to release 250 more after nine months, depending on how things go. The permit was issued for 18 months, during which the SFMTA will evaluate the program and the public’s response… (more)

Uber partners with JUMP on electric bike share pilot in San Francisco

by Monica Nickelsburg : geeklwire – excerpt

SINGAPORE — If Uber Technologies Inc. is planning a retreat from Asia, no one told Brooks Entwistle, head of the ride-hailing company’s business in the region.

The San Francisco-based company is planning an expansion in Japan and is offering faster booking and cheaper rides to gain share in Singapore, Mr Entwistle said in an interview…more)

For Uber, the trade-off is scale. If it pulls out of markets like India and Indonesia, that will improve profitability immediately — but it would sacrifice long-term growth. Chief Executive Officer Dara Khosrowshahi said recently the company would continue to be aggressive about expansion in 2018 as he sees Uber as being “everywhere for everyone.”… (more)


1 thought on “King of the Roads: Uber takes the crown with this deal.

  1. The arguement for all sfmta projects is “vision zero” which is not even city policy. No one ever voted on it. What vision zero really stands for is zero emissions. They will continue to lie and say zero deaths by 2020 or 2025. And will continue to extend the year 2030,2040 and so on and make up ba reasons along the way to push their plans. It all stems from ICLIE and their bullshit climate change assessment. They have these computers that make projections thus they follow them. However, the computer has to start somewhere. It’s like a calculator. One must input numbers in order to calculate. So bs info was input into the computers to come out with there projections. At the same time never adjusting it over the years. This is all bullshit.
    Here is an example of bullshit….

    They put up a measure on the ballot to raise property taxes to tackle sea level rise which they lie about and say it’s coming. Now to prevent sea level rise we need money to restore wet lands around the bay. People fell for it and fucked themselves by believing their bullshit.
    Common sense tells you that if sea level were to rise wet lands will get buried under water will they not? So how will they prevent this by planting more grass trees etc? Bullshit number one.

    They used a scare tactic even on their website by saying oh if the port of Oakland goes under water our economy would be screwed etc. So one part of the Bay Area in addition to many parts of the Bay Area they would like to save is the port of Oakland. Ok great….. there’s just one problem. The docks at the port of Oakland are about idont know what 60-80 feet above water? Which would mean that in order for the port to go under water sea level would have to rise well over 60-80 feet right? That would mean half of San Francisco would be buried under water correct? Yet they approved development plans along the ports of sf. Why? Why approve additional 8000 units and a hotel on treasure island when that would be the first part of the Bay to be buried under water?? Sea level is rising right? Why put 8000+ people in danger on treasure island?

    Because it’s all bullshit. They pushed the global warming/climate change long enough and studies came out that showed that global temperatures have not risen they dropped a bit. So in a way they were stuck. So they flipped it to sea level. In other words we’re all not going to burn and all in flames no longer. We are now going to be buried under water if we don’t do anything.

    Everything the sfmta,planning department, abag are doing is based on this. That’s the entire idea/reason behind plan Bay Area.
    The reasons why a billion non profits popped up supporting all kinds of different plans. But they are broken into sections. By that I mean you have for example say 5 non profits that deal with pedestrian and transit issues. “We citizens” and they throw that grassroots shit around a lot making one believe they’re true citizens concerned. Some groups like spur tend to focus more on housing related issues. Other on development, others on affordable housing, some groups homeless. You should try and find out where these groups get their funding. And if it’s “donations” yeah ok great from who exactly? They won’t ever answer that question as to avoid the truth. Funding from the citizens. Our tax dollars.

    To sum it all up ino two words “sustainable development”. How is this relevant to this particular article? Here’s how.. under sustainable development corporations play a huge roll. Bike share, groceries(Whole Foods locations always get approved quickly regardless of public protests), ride share, transit, housing etc. it’s part of the economic strategy under “sustainable development” when you hear “stakeholders” or “shareholders” do you really believe those words mean citizens? Those words relate to a group of corporations and developers. Expect a lot more bullshit like the subject of this article to arise. More shit to come this is just the beginning of it.

    P.S. pot holes and ugly red pain int San Francisco preserve the environment helping us tackle climate change. Let’s all rise up demanding the creation of more pot holes to save the world. Red carpet lanes scares water away keeping us from going under. Yet the city of San Francisco refuses to sell me that ugly ass red so that I may paint my house. How else am I suppose to save it from going under water? A pretty fucked up way to treat a citizen.


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