San Francisco proposal would convert parking garage into affordable housing, hotel

 : smartcitiesdive – excerpt
Dive Brief:
  • San Francisco has proposed a plan to redevelop the Moscone Convention Center’s 732-space garage into a multiuse complex with at least 100 affordable housing units and at least 650 hotel rooms, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.
  • The garage, which is owned by the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency, reportedly is 53% occupied during peak hours and generates $2.3 million each year for the city.
  • Leaders with the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency are scheduled to vote today on whether to move forward with the plan and issue a request for proposals for developers to build the multiuse facility… (more)
Does this mean the SFMTA that never produces a project on time or within budget will take on another construction project while they are stuck in the tunnels and having problems with the contracts they are already working on?

SFMTA to solicit hotel developer for Moscone Center Garage

By  : sfexminer – excerpt
The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency voted to begin accepting proposals to replace the Moscone Center Garage with a hotel and affordable housing…
In July 2017, the Parking Authority transferred ownership of the Moscone Center Garage to the SFMTA, and the hotel development terms will see the transit agency retain jurisdiction of the site. The lease terms are for 65 years, with the option of a 34-year lease extension…(more)

3 thoughts on “San Francisco proposal would convert parking garage into affordable housing, hotel

  1. What this means is an additional 732 parking spaces will be removed using the arguement of “affordable housing”. “100” affordable units and 650 hotel rooms. Bullshit. No such thing as affordable housing in this plan. Sfmtas plan for “affordable housing and hotel”. Great transportation planning. More bullshit. No parking around 4th and Folsom “means less cars” less cars means “no need for 3 lanes” which means Folsom must be “redesigned”. Look out for the bullshit Folsom/south of market study story.

    Sfmta is no longer a transportation department. They are now a San Francisco as well as regional planning/street development and design department.

    The confusion is that people have zero knowledge of what’s going on. People truly believe what sfmta is doing is implimenting transportation and bycicle plans that are stupid. They have zero idea that they are on a mission to develop as much as possible redesigning all streets for no cars as they plan to have none. Locally and regionally.


    • It is actually worse than that. The plan to boost the value of real estate will no doubt boost the tax valuation of the properties. Regardless of how much equity you have in your home, the taxes could force small landowners to sell and guess who would pick them up? You need to see the Planning Department’s analysis of SB 827 to see how this is playing out.


      • In other words make it too expensive to afford buying or owning a house. Essentially taking away property rights and ownership by way of money. Welcome to sustainable development.


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