California CPUC is to blame for the corporate takeover of our streets. We need new leadership at the CPUP.

Video by Spenser Michael, PBS NewsHours : KQED  – excerpt (video included)

This story ran in 2014.

Every weekday morning, dozens of sleek buses roll through the heart of San Francisco, picking up a cargo of workers commuting south to companies like Google, Facebook and Apple. But critics say the buses are clogging city bus stops and are symbolic of the disparity in wealth between the new tech workers and the long-time working class residents… (more)

Matters have gone from bad to worse. The SFMTA turned public parking spaces over to the buses and now we dealing with more buses and TNCs. As the street parking disappears a new parking need arises for delivery services.

Nothing the state, county, city agencies have done with the millions of dollars in federal, state, regional, county, or city taxes, fines and fees, has put a dent in the traffic problem.

California citizens all over the state are calling for a halt in the failed projects until major changes are enacted to stop the flawed plans that are not working.

RELATED: National coverage has been building on this subject for years.

Fast forward to 2018:

We now know a lot more about the “healthy economy” and it is unhealthy for most people.

California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) does not work for the public. At their last meeting they determined that because they are spending less money than anticipated on enforcement, the fees should be lowered on the Transportation Network Companies (TNCs) they are supposed to regulate.

Cities have no way to combat this agency. The only thing they regulate is the routes and the stops.

This is a perfect example of why we need to stop the state from usurping power from local governments. As the state legislature gives itself the right to regulate land use and traffic laws though such bills as Wiener’s SB-827 and 828, neighborhoods are being turned into futuristic holding cells for transients out to make a fast buck. They better grab fast, because they are killing the golden goose. Cities are crumbling under the weight of expectations and unrealistic priorities.

California has a number of regulatory agencies that make the rules and enforce them at their own discretion. There is no separation of powers here. San Francisco’s Municipal Transit Authority has a similar problem. Too much power and too much money has a bad influence on performance. The process does not work for the public. It works for the corporations and their lobbyists who control the agencies.

Because over 2% of the corporate bus trips cross into other local jurisdictions, they are regulated by the state. This encourages more regional traffic, not less, as TNCs scramble to grab those rides.

Uber’s new CEO admitted that his company is in competition with Muni and wants to run the city bus programs. We need  new cop in town and City Hall who can work some magic in Sacramento by taking back local control.

As it stands now the only thing the voters can do is stop the flow of money into the coffers of the agencies until City Halls get the message that the plan is flawed and the citizens are not going to take it anymore. The next tax on the ballot for transportation will be the regional RM3 bill that would increase bridge tolls to pay for more of same.

Fighting back means replacing people who are responsible for this untenable situation, and have not learned by their mistakes. It is one thing to posit an idea that doesn’t work. It is another to pretend like the world is your oyster when millions of people are suffering because of a flawed plan based on false assumptions.

We now know that algorithms can be manipulated thanks to Donald Trump and the Mueller investigation that uncovered massive manipulations by facebook algorithms. Next time someone tells you they based a zoning plan or a traffic pattern future project on an algorithm run for the nearest exit. Computer models are only as good as the input. When there are no recent studies based on current conditions, the computer models are flawed and the algorithms meaningless.

There is a new kid on the block intent on fighting back with renewed public outreach. is taking on the buses that are ravaging the Noe Valley neighborhood. See the recent action at the last stop at 29th and San Jose. Marvel at the chutzpah of the huge empty buses as they head for the 280 freeway.

State legislators need to take control the CPUC just as our Supervisors need to control the SFMTA. Let them know how you feel.



2 thoughts on “California CPUC is to blame for the corporate takeover of our streets. We need new leadership at the CPUP.

  1. ICLEI, sfmta, planbay area is to blame. The whole “climate change” arguement is to blame. The entire idea of “sustainable development” is to blame. The creation of “sustainable development” states that displacement will happen and in order for “sustainable development” to wrk it must happen. Wieners bill is a big push towards its implementation. Another thing you cannot redevelop with people living in the building. There needs to be a fire or they need to be evicted. Another strategy was the new law to make properties earthquake safe I’m sure you’ve heard of it if not look it up. Few years back they sent inspectors out to certain properties I forgot the total number of properties they came up with. But they were all within PDA’s. “Priority development areas. The city not the landlords used this law to evict people to redevelope. After the 1989 earthquake sf already had laws to install steal beam supports for earthquakes. So did they need a new law? It’s more stringent and more costly to the point to where landlords couldn’t afford to do anything about it. Now the building is deamed unsafe and the landlord has to evict. The landlord cannot afford the upgrades and has no choice but to sell it off to a developer. The developer then demolishes the property only to build more bullshit “affordable housing units”. That’s one part of the game.

    On a different note please take a good look at both of these

    Click to access T2045%20Task%20Force%20Members%20v2.0.pdf

    On this link please pay attention to “potential funding”. This gives you an idea of the next round of funding will come from a soda tax a property tax affordable housing bond etc. they always give a “concerned” arguement to help people with housing and traffic that they are causing to receive money. Please do not fall for the phony bills, propositions and measures this time. HINT: pot holes are so bad we need a gas tax. Diabeties is so bad we need a soda tax. We have so many homeless encampments we need affordable housing bonds. We will all drown from sea level rise so we need more property tax to fix it and save the bay. Get the picture?

    Click to access T2045%20TF%20Report%20for%20TA%20Board_v2.pdf

    The two links above can all be found on this page here. Please dissect every little thing and dig deeper into it if you have to including those listed on the committee.

    P.S. notice how it began as 2018, then 2020 then 2030, then 2040, now 2045?


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