YIMBY-backed Breed intervened to remove bikeshare station on her own block

By : sfexaminer – excerpt

Photos of competing shared bike companies that are cluttering our streets with too many rental options be fore the latest invasion of the electric toys that are cluttering our sidewalks. photo by zrants.

Mayoral candidate London Breed, the sole endorsee of the Yes in My Backyard group, seems to have gone full NIMBY.

The Board of Supervisors president used her influence to request the removal a Ford GoBike bikeshare station — yes, in her own backyard. (OK, technically, the station is on Haight and Pierce streets, around the corner from Breed’s apartment.)

That’s quite a turn for Breed, as much hay has been made of the split between YIMBY newcomers who wish to see housing built and longtime neighbors allegedly claiming “Not in my backyard!” to slap back new housing and transportation, particularly against state Sen. Scott Wiener’s Senate Bill 827… (more)

Maybe bike station removals should be London Breed’s theme. Instead of promising a chicken in every pot, she can offer a fast path to bike station removal on your block if she is elected Mayor. That is almost as good as Angela Alioto’s promise to remove the Department Heads. Of course the easiest course of action is to stop installing the stations now.

2 thoughts on “YIMBY-backed Breed intervened to remove bikeshare station on her own block

  1. Breed and the rest of the city’s board of supervisors are not only full of it they smell like it. Look carefully and you’ll notice the flies.

    The bikes were removed because of the 7 Noriega rapid project. A stop light is to be installed at haight and pierce that will require a lot of diging after recently being repaved. Bike share is in the way and just needed to temporarily be removed. Parking spaces will be removed for right turns similar to those right turns you see on mission street. Stop signs replaced with stop lights and transit lights. No left turn on baker no left turn on Masonic and a third street I don’t remember. Bulb outs are will be installed along all of haight street(partially completed). With bus stops that bulb out into the street like those you see on mission.

    I can see the flies now BZZZZZ!!!!!!


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