Opinions on Regional Measure 3

Pro/Con: Will $3 bridge toll hike fix traffic or worsen it?  Backers, opponents debate the proposals in Regional Measure 3 on the June ballot…(more)

Regional Measure 3 improves Bay Area highways, transit: Voters should reject RM3, and demand instead a plan focused on transit, shared rides and bikes..Ballot proposal will directly benefit commuters throughout the region, no matter which direction they are traveling…(more)

Opinion: Bridge toll hike would condemn Bay Area to gridlock: …Voters should reject RM3, and demand instead a plan focused on transit, shared rides and bikes…unless you vote no on  Regional Measure 3, MTC will persist with its failed strategy…(more)

1 thought on “Opinions on Regional Measure 3

  1. I love how one article states that it will help commuters and the other speaks of promoting bike sharing etc. well regional measure 3 does both and pays for it all.

    It does not help commuters. They will pay more. First a $3 hike in tolls. Then using the extra money to create HOV lanes on all highways across the Bay Area which they will then charge you $2.50–$4 to use. Your dropping your mom off at sfo coming from Berkeley? That would be a $9 bridge toll instead of $6 plus an additional $2.50-$4.

    It will cost you $11-$13 to drive your mother to the airport. God forbid you have to stop in downtown sf on the way back then the $11-$13 jumps to $14-$16 because of congestion pricing. This measure screws them.

    At the same time all of the additional money pays for more traffic lane removals, bulb outs, bike bridges, red carpet bus lanes. “Promoting walking,biking, “transportation” ”

    This measure including other measures on the SF ballot are complete screw jobs. Regionally or locally in sf any bill/measure involving money any sort of funding should be shot down. I don’t give a damn if they tell you it’s funding to save trees. It must be shot down. Every penny of these are for the purpose of funding future bs projects. Way too much to list so please read them all carefully. The legal text as well as amendments or any meeting documents regarding this measure. Documents can be found on sfcta website sfmta website as well as mta website. Abag website also has documents but a pain to search that one because they hide documents pretty deep.

    RM3 is what you would look for.


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