Reviving SF’s taxi industry: The city is looking at solutions

By Michael Cabanatuan : sfchronicle – excerpt

San Francisco’s taxi industry, bludgeoned in recent years by Uber and Lyft, needs to catch up with the changing times to survive.

That’s the assessment of a pair of consultants whose report, released Wednesday, recommends that the Municipal Transportation Agency, which regulates the city’s taxi industry, work with cab companies to improve their service and reduce the number of taxis on the streets to match reduced demand but increase the number of cabs capable of carrying persons with disabilities.

What it doesn’t recommend, despite the wishes of taxi drivers, is what the city and the agency are not allowed to do: Regulate the transportation network companies, specifically Uber and Lyft, that have nearly decimated the taxi industry since their drivers arrived in San Francisco over the past decade.

That oversight falls to the state Public Utilities Commission, not the city…

“the MTA is really looking to get the right regulations in place so that the taxi industry can compete,” Toran said.

To accomplish that, the report recommends taxi companies become more customer-friendly by offering mobile-phone apps…

Those companies should also be released from current restraints that prohibit them from offering special or discounted rates …

To help boost interest in operating taxi vans to carry wheelchairs, an often time-consuming effort, the report recommends that drivers be offered up to $300 a month to help buy a van and the same amount per month to cover maintenance and operating costs… (more)



1 thought on “Reviving SF’s taxi industry: The city is looking at solutions

  1. The solution was to leave it alone in the first place. Taxi drivers use to wait on a list for a free median plus small fee. Sometimes it would take years.

    They decided instead to change things around by now selling the medlians for $350,000. Hence the law suit with the credit union where all the loans came from. That added an additional $2800 cost per driver. Cab companies charge $1600-$3000 a month for their color scheme, help in dispatching customers and if you decide to lease the cab. You then have the daily gate cost. Which is what a driver would pay the cab company per shift. Add the $1mil insurance policy to their cost as well which is about $1200-$1600 a month. It’s basically an average of around $5000 cost to drive a cab excluding breaks. A lot of cab drivers switched over to Uber as it is cheaper to drive.

    Now just like they plan on raising bus fairs soon(look it up) they raised the cab fairs and airport exit fee making a cab ride more expensive than an Uber or a lyft. If you ask people about taxis and Uber they will tell you a cab ride is more expensive. From downtown to the deep sunset a cab is $20 and up. Uber cut that rate in half.

    Just like the sfmta is milking housing, sodas, and every little thing for money to fund their dumb projects they have done the same to taxis. That’s the real problem they don’t want you to know about. I think you’ll hear something sometime after they begin to implementing congestion pricing downtown.

    Sfmta doesn’t care about the taxi industry. What they are doing is trying to cover their ass with the lawsuit with the credit union and also come up with a new rule or regulation which will able them to receive some sort of fee from cab companies. This article and study both bs. The agenda is how to change the taxi indrusty again so that we get more money out of them details of which are already only about half way complete. Numbers and rules/changes still being worked out.


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