Supes grant themselves power to appeal SFMTA decisions

by Joshua Sabatini : sfexaminer – excerpt

The Board of Supervisors on Tuesday voted to give itself the power to hear appeals of San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency decisions on issues including stop sign installations, some bicycle routes, parking meter rules and creating or modifying so-called Private Transportation Programs…

The legislation was introduced by Supervisors Aaron Peskin and Ahsha Safai, who had previously considered placing a charter amendment on the ballot to split up the transit agency but instead opted to move forward with this “compromise” proposal.

“Supervisor Peskin and I have worked on this legislation for over a year,” Safai said. “The genesis of this, colleagues, was the general frustration that many of us have felt on this board with our interactions with the SFMTA.”

The legislation was approved in an 11-0 vote…

Paul Rose, an SFMTA spokesperson, told the Examiner Tuesday that “we look forward to working with the Board of Supervisors as we continue to make progress on improving all transportation options and making the streets safer for everyone.”

He added that the new appeal process covers “certain MTA decisions, including Residential Parking Permits, color curb coordination, meter time limits, and commuter shuttles.”…(more)

Congratulations to all our readers and supporters! You made this happen by your efforts and demands for changes and improvements to the agency that had until now very little oversight and no reason to listen to complaints or demands. We still have a lot of work to do but now there is a way forward. Put together your request, get the backing of your supervisor and put in your requests. You should expect to see a new noticing system and a new civility at the department. If things do not see any improve, let the authorities know. Details on what is covered are here:
Legislative language: Leg Ver5, Legislative digest: Leg Dig Ver5





3 thoughts on “Supes grant themselves power to appeal SFMTA decisions

  1. A lot of smoke. Original proposal was to split the sfmta on this years ballot. They realized that the proposal would win. So before election time they came up with this “compromise”. Nothing is going to change. Traffic lanes will still be removed. Protected Bike lanes will still be installed as well as red bus lanes/BRT. This is only to make citizens feel like someone is listening. Then behind closed doors a “compromise” will be made and project will continue with a different design. As always 100% BS. This vote has zero effect on projects already approved. Meaning if there is a street project in a year or two years that requires 100 parking spaces to be removed and has been approved well then it’s a done deal. These projects will proceed as planned.

    I’ve been saying this for a long time and I’m going to say it again.
    SF citizens are being hustled and will always be hustled.

    Warning: do not get lazy and be satified with this vote. It’s BS. Keep the pressure on them and keep it building letting them know that this vote is just not good enough not even close. Do not allow the board of supervisors slip away this easy by this crappy vote.

    1. Quadruple the pressure demanding way way more letting them know this is not good enough.
    2. Vote against any measure/bill on the ballot that’s included the word “funding”. For example I do not care if they convince you it’s for the elderly. The way it works is they will sell you the arguement of accessability for the elderly and one feels bad and votes for it to help them. However what this means is that it allows them to completely change the entire street removing parking and traffic lanes a complete redesign just so an elderly person can cross the street. When in reality all it takes is some signal changes. Get it?? A lot of measures coming up have to do with capital funding. Watch out.

    3. Vote people in that are against these dumb projects and the sfmta. I don’t care if it takes a repeal of a supervisor.

    4. Again quadruple the pressure letting them know this vote is not good enough.


    • This is where the supervisors could come in to help us.

      The theory is that the Ordinance freed the supervisors to help the public, right? They should be able to apply pressure to the SFMTA Board to hear our requests.


  2. They introduced the proposal in 2017. Why decide to scrap it and have a supervisors vote? 11-0?
    They had this vote as to avoid splitting the SMTA without the citizens vote purposely switching it up. These same supervisors (board of directors SFCTA) just approved eddy and ellis “traffic calming project” in FEB 2018. which consists of parking space removal and bulb outs. They updated project information 2 weeks ago at an SFCTA meeting. also these projects

    Why approve projects instead of putting them on hold until the people vote if they’re so against the sfmta and have had enough? Why in april 2018 did all of the supervisors vote to support SB 936? Which calls for more traffic lane removal more bulbouts and bike lanes etc. The very thing they’re “supposedly” giving us a voice for now?

    It’s a scam and an intended bait and switch to try and calm citizens.
    The pressure must be kept up with demanding more with the mind set of “this doesnt come close to not good enough” a full on attack.
    New sups and a mayor eventually voted in that are against these projects.

    It should be demanded that the SFMTA gets broken up. seperate departments as such…
    1. muni
    2. departjment of parking and traffic.
    3. department of public works.

    The treasure island mobility management agencey dismantled.
    SFMTA livable streets division dismatled
    Vision zero which really means zero emmisions dismantled.

    Please pay extra attention to the next couple of months.


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