Free bike rental program for SF State students threatened after Lyft buys bikeshare company

By Joe Fitzgerald Rodriguez : sfexaminer – excerpt

The City may withdraw funding intended to offer free bike rentals to San Francisco State University’s poorest students due to the program’s connection with ride-hail company Lyft.

The San Francisco County Transportation Authority’s board does not want taxpayer dollars to be spent on ride-hail companies Uber and Lyft, and now some members of the transportation authority board — who are also The City’s Board of Supervisors — are considering withholding funds for the free bike program because Lyft recently acquired the company providing the bikes.

“It seems to me we have not gone to Lyft and said … ‘do you want to offer low income individuals at SF state a discounted rate?’” said Supervisor Aaron Peskin, at the transportation authority’s regular meeting Tuesday. Lyft is a multi-billion dollar company, he said, and they should offer free bikes.

“I don’t think public dollars should go into that,” he said… (more)


1 thought on “Free bike rental program for SF State students threatened after Lyft buys bikeshare company

  1. I love these dumb articles. The free bikes has been scrapped by the sfmta so that it’s specific funding can be diverted to other projects ruining the city. Yet still wanting the project to be implemented. This is an attempt to cause an uproar to push lyft to pay for it and implement it onsidering they are selling off our streets to private companies.

    The true sfmta plans for streets around sf state

    Click to access Final_20110623_Parkmerced_Transportation_Plan.pdf

    Not to mention safe routes to schools, red carpet bus lanes and the 19th street projects. You will notice transportation pictures from Europe being used in the on of links. Why?


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