Peskin expands SF rideshare tax to include self-driving vehicle companies, e-commerce websites

By Joe Fitzgerald Rodriguez : sfexaminer – excerpt

A gross receipts tax on so-called “rideshares” in San Francisco for this November’s ballot — including Uber and Lyft — has been expanded to also tax companies making self-driving cars and some e-commerce websites.

E-commerce sites would be charged based on how much business they conduct in San Francisco, instead of on their physical presence in The City, according to the newly updated language of the law. Those amendments were introduced by Supervisor Aaron Peskin late last week and last month, and will go before the next regular meeting of the Board of Supervisors Budget and Finance sub-committee for consideration, Thursday.

Should four or more supervisors ultimately approve Peskin’s proposal before a deadline of August 3, the measure will go before voters this November… (more)

The Chamber is over thinking things. The goal for taxing alternative transit companies is not the same as taxing cannabis and the money will not be used the same way. The voters are more likely to approve a tax on one industry than a lot of them and voting on one at a time is less confusing. This is partly about leveling the playing field for competitors. They should also remove the rate-setting regulations for the cab companies. If this tax law passed and they removed SFMTA regulations on cab rates, they would almost remove the competitive edge for the taxi industry.

While they are at it the Supervisors should do more than just tax the ride-hails. They should investigate the contracts SFMTA has with these entities, particularly the Motivate contract that the SFMTA intends to extend to Lyft.

The supervisors should stop this and all other contracts that the SFMTA is signing with the ride-hails and other private corporations that is privatizing public property.

If you agree, please let the Mayor and the Board of Supervisors know. They need to convince the SFMTA to stop this practice. If the SFMTA fails to stop, they need to put the Charter Amendment on the ballot with strong teeth that limits the contractual authorities of the SFMTA.

If only task the SFMTA had was to run the Muni, they might do a better job of that.

1 thought on “Peskin expands SF rideshare tax to include self-driving vehicle companies, e-commerce websites

  1. I’m no fan of Uber and lyft. But this is more. Crap and dishonesty. This is another way to tax citizens for more sfmta projects and tax free free housing developments.

    It will work like the soda tax. They told the diabetes lie and lied about how citizens would not pay the soda tax only the companies. Yeah sure go buy a soda. Today’s sf receipts have 3 taxes on them. Sales tax, health tax, soda tax.

    This particular tax will be added to any Uber or lyft ride paid for by the citizen. Also living in San Francisco there will be an additional tax for making a purchase online.

    They are just making it seem like they are taxing Uber and lyft as a way to show that they’re trying to punish these companies because of citizens frustrations. Like I said it’s crap.

    This is because of and started. With proposition E. want to get to the reasons behind it study Prop E and then find the projects funded by prop E.


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