There are reasons why there’s a shortage of Muni operators

By Roger Marenco : sfexaminer – excerpt

It’s true, there is a shortage of Muni operators, but this is not the fault of the operators.

If we look at some of the reasons why there are so many “not out” lines within the system, we can begin to understand the basic reasons why there is a shortage of operators…it used to take a newly hired operator 18 months to reach top pay, but now it takes a newly hired operator 48 months to reach the maximum rate of pay…. many of the newly hired operators are only hired part-time, even though, in my opinión, full-time runs should be filled first….

Some of the other issues that cause a shortage of are:
1. The notion that the operator is always wrong.
2. The lack of safety and security for the operators.
3. The tremendous decline in the morale of the operators…

For the moment, the important thing to try and grasp is that we are working on trying to bring forth many small changes to the many different problems that we are facing and keep in mind that OVERSET FOLLOWS:the shortage is NOT the fault of the Operators… (more)

Roger Marenco is president of Transport Workers Union Local 250A.

Read the article and see why you think there is a shortage of Muni drivers.

1 thought on “There are reasons why there’s a shortage of Muni operators

  1. Because it has never been about running a transportation system. It has always been about development and redesign of different regions and cities. Push people inland from the country into urban cities addeing density. And the removal of all parking an autos.

    Their strategy is to figure out different ways to cause problems with streets, parking and housing then making their ideas and projects public as a way to fix things. Ideas and projects that have been on paper for the last 15-18 years.

    Here is a list of bullshit arguements.
    1. People are dying from diabetes we must tax sugar.
    2. We have too many homeless people. We’re are lying to you about how many people live here but we need to keep building market raise housing. We will call it “affordable housing” to help broke ass people find $3600 dwelling units that they can’t afford anyway.
    3. People are dying in the streets we need more bike lanes and traffic it’s a “safety hazard” life or death.
    4. Your all going to die from climate change. We understand that when you go to Texas during the summer it’s 100 degrees making it a 30 degree difference with SF. We also understand that when you go to Tahoe in the winter it’s 5 degrees which is also a 30 degree difference with SF. However a 1 degree difference of the planet is going to end the world in flames your going to die.
    4. There will be a 1 degree difference in temperature globally soon your all going to die so stop using plastic straws and bags. Eat with your hands not plastic forks.

    A lot more to list but you get the picture. Here’s the point…. behind every single one of the reasons listed and not listed there is a tax. Be it sodas, property, sales tax etc.

    A $350 billion regional project is not cheap.

    As for the shortage sfmta planned it out on purpose making the arguement for more money for new hires because they don’t have enough. And argument for why they need more projects to speed up service. Just wait for it it’s coming.


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