San Francisco Unveils Plan To Help Reduce Storefront Vacancies

By Phil Matier : cbslocal – excerpt (includes video)

SAN FRANCISCO (KPIX 5) — Faced with a spike in the number of empty storefronts in San Francisco, Mayor London Breed is vowing to cut the costs and the red tape for businesses to open new retail locations in the city’s neighborhoods.

With the Citywide Storefront Vacancy Strategy unveiled by Breed and Supervisor Vallie Brown Monday, city officials hope to fill vacant retail spaces, which have been emptied due to shifting shopping trends and slow sales…

The Mayor is also setting aside $1 million to for subsides, consultants and legal assistance for small business.

But one area that will likely remain a challenge is parking. For years the city has been chipping away at street parking to make way for more bus and bike lanes.

Lack of parking was one reason why Michael Gardner is closing Siegel’s Clothing in Mission Street, a business that he has owned and run for 42-years.

“The frosting on the cake was red zone. The bus zone came and they took out a third of the parking on Mission Street,” Gardner said. “When this store closes, there will be seven empty stores on this block.”… (more)

Despite Booming Economy, Vacant Storefronts Common In San Francisco

This is a typical show of support and lack of listening by the San Francisco City government. The one thing the businesses are complaining about is the one thing the officials are ignoring. You don’t need to buy another study. Just listen to the public and follow their suggestions for a change. Businesses need parking to survive. As the parking disappears so do the businesses, along with the owners, employees, and families City Hall claims it wants to keep. Give us back some street parking after 6 PM and maybe we can get deliveries, clients and employees back. It is pretty hard to run a business without deliveries and pickups.

1 thought on “San Francisco Unveils Plan To Help Reduce Storefront Vacancies

  1. “London Breed is vowing to cut the costs and the red tape for businesses to open new retail locations in the city’s neighborhoods”

    The mayor and city are full of it. So full of it that 17 cows just took a dump. Permits to open a business do not cut much for example business registration license $156. Red tape doesn’t take long unless your doing a complete build out. The rest of your costs go to contractor and equipment. Unless the city helps you out with a loan at low interest they wont be cutting anything. What $6 off the business registration?

    The issue is the removal of parking. That’s one. Two the cost of running a business is the main problem. Payroll tax to the city, Property tax on businesses (the equipment they own paid and bought for have already paid sales tax when they bought is considered property). Remember the soda tax? only the big companies will be charged and not the consumer? WRONG! That’s why you see signs posted at businesses about the sugar tax. 3 cents per ounce sounds cheap for a customer buying a can of coke. But for a business that buys 1000 cans a month to sell its a lot. And that’s just one kind coke. The city has allowed business utilities to raise the rates which allows the city to also tag on a “Utility use tax”. So a business not only pays PG&E but they also pay a tax to the city just to use PG&E. This is besides the $15 an hour minimum wage which is going up again next year. The minimum wage was a lie. “people need to make money because the city is too expensive so they can afford to live here. Great! So $3600 a month rent. $15 an hr 40 hours a week which is full time. That’s only $2400 a month. Apartments are still $3600 not including utilities. What is affordable exactly? Anyway their argument for raise in wages they also pressed the fact that prices of goods would not be effected. Just like the consumer wouldn’t pay the soda tax. Total BS. I’m not making the issue minimum wage. But it is one of the big factor.

    If my business costs $60,000 a month. And then my minimum wage went up, soda tax etc causing my costs to reach $70,000. How else would I make up the difference?? Raise my prices and you pay more. The meat company’s costs go up, they pay their drivers more they make up the difference by charging a business more and then the business charges you more. The city cant do anything except to lower taxes and minimum wage. The red tape means nothing to a business.

    To be honest this is all only PR. A few months ago i commented on a non profit group out of the mission funded by the SFMTA that goes around purchasing property in the mission for “affordable housing development”. The funding by the SFMTA comes from all of those “Affordable housing bonds” they always want us to vote house. Where do you think a non profit would get $10mil to purchase 4 buildings for development?. The mission district esp mission st is listed as a PDA (priority development area). They could careless if they closed as they want more density development around transit.

    $6 off a registration fee is not going to help anybody. Its all tax tax tax tax tax. Just like France.


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