SF supervisors back off plan to charge tolls to enter, exit Treasure Island

By Rachel Swan : sfchronicle – excerpt

San Francisco supervisors on Tuesday delayed voting on whether to charge tolls of up to $3.50 to enter and exit Treasure Island — a plan that infuriated residents and merchants, even though transit officials said it was necessary to prevent gridlock on the Bay Bridge.

The decision by the Treasure Island Mobility Management Agency — also known as the Board of Supervisors — came as the city braces for a transformation on the small, man-made patch of former Navy barracks, potholed roads and palm-lined shores. A development project that broke ground two years ago is expected to bring 8,000 new homes to the island, along with shops, sports complexes and a ferry terminal. It would raise the population from 1,800 residents to 24,000 anticipated by 2035… (more)

As if anything will prevent the gridlock on the Bay Bridge that has been carefully engineered by those parties who claim to be doing everything they can to avoid it.

1 thought on “SF supervisors back off plan to charge tolls to enter, exit Treasure Island

  1. Bay bridge gridlock is caused by city streets not treasure island. People exiting on to the island would have to be backed up onto the bridge to be causing gridlock. So a toll on and off the island doesn’t relieve anything. However after development complete with the additional 24,000 people then it will be causing some serious gridlock.

    Considering their climate change 10ft sea level rise omg why would they want to put 24,000 people under water?

    What is going to happen is the city coming back with an “improved plan” making it more affordable for low income.

    As for the wine guy in this article they could care less about him as the property his shop lays on has been slated for redevelopment a few years back.

    Understand how the game is being played. The toll will pass for autos with people riding muni entering for free: the meeting was just to test the waters on how much to charge. The development and toll plan was created in 2008.


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