SF scales back airport taxi ban

By Joe Fitzgerald Rodriguez : sfexaminer – excerpt

The City is scaling back a plan to ban most types of cabs from San Francisco International Airport that was pitched in October as a way to help save the struggling taxi industry.

Under the first plan, only cabbies using the existing 560 taxi permits, or “medallions,” purchased through the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency for roughly $250,000, would be allowed to pick up passengers from SFO.

That would have left some 900 other drivers with medallions, some of whom obtained them in previous decades for free, barred from picking up passengers at SFO…

In the face of objections from taxi drivers, however, the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency is now pulling back that ban, just a bit.

The agency will allow an additional 570 medallion holders who obtained their permits after 1978 access to SFO, in what SFMTA called a “compromise” measure in an email to the taxi industry sent Thursday…(more)

SFMTA seems to feel they must make a point of disagreeing each time the public asks for something. “YES” is not in their vocabulary.

1 thought on “SF scales back airport taxi ban

  1. The idea is to get rid of that main parking lot in the middle of the airport. Getting rid of the cabs first offers less backlash. You’ll find 400-500 cabs parked there at any given time with exception to when the airport is closed graveyard hours. The “plan to help the cab industries” excuse was only to test the waters. SFMTA is already working on a way around. Special taxi lane, seismic issues etc. They could care less about thetaxi industry. They are 100% going after all of the cars with our tax money. (Any financial info I’ve posted on here shows how our tax dollars are being spent. Of course it’s not all in specific detail as the SFMTA only releases the least amount of info allowed by law. In the past a lot more info was required to be released publically. However, supervisors over the past 8 years have voted to amend laws as to continue with their bs without having to give us all the info).


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