SF Transit boss catches heat for Muni Metro rush hour breakdown

By Rachel Swan : masstransitmag – excerpt

Feb. 06–A switch failure that caused major Muni Metro delays Tuesday morning drew a scalding rebuke from the chair of San Francisco’s transit board, who said it pointed to larger problems with the bus and rail system.

“I have to say this isn’t acceptable,” Chairman Malcolm Heinicke said during Tuesday’s board meeting. Heinicke said that malfunctioning switches have been an issue at Muni for years. He noted that the city’s transportation chief, Ed Reiskin, formed a rapid response team to handle them — which apparently didn’t work…

Reiskin blamed “staffing and communication issues” for preventing Muni from fixing the broken switch more quickly. Normally the San Francisco Transportation Agency keeps two staff members at the switch near Church Street and Duboce Avenue, and another two at the tunnel near Embarcadero Station. But on Tuesday morning only three workers showed up at Embarcadero, and no one was stationed at Church and Duboce… (more)

1 thought on “SF Transit boss catches heat for Muni Metro rush hour breakdown

  1. More stories of things like this and harassment will be coming out soon. It is a smoke screen shifting blame from the sfmta on to those running muni. As if to say too much BS found on with muni leadership.

    In reality this is the sfmta washing out the few that speak out against sfmta’ current and future dumb plans. Take the harassment charges for example. You may have one more article out soon which I doubt and then zero news. In the real world this is what you would call flexing.(as in your muscles). In other words as you can see I’m bigger and stronger and I’ll beat your ass. Play nice and I’ll make this go away. If not then I’ll just keep flexing forcing you to resign.


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