L.A. may tax Uber and Lyft rides to curb traffic congestion

By Laura J. Nelson : latimes – excerpt

Transportation officials are considering a tax on Uber and Lyft rides in Los Angeles County, saying the Bay Area tech companies don’t pay their fair share to maintain public streets and exacerbate congestion in a traffic-choked region.

The ride-hailing fee is in the early stages of discussion at the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, along with more than a dozen other strategies to manage congestion and fund transportation projects before the 2028 Olympic Games.

Metro’s board of directors are scheduled to vote Thursday on whether to approve a study of the ride-hailing tax. The directors also will consider approving a study on congestion pricing, which would analyze the effects of converting more carpool lanes to toll lanes, taxing drivers on the number of miles they travel, or charging a fee for motorists to enter certain neighborhoods… (more)

1 thought on “L.A. may tax Uber and Lyft rides to curb traffic congestion

  1. One must ask the most basic questions.

    The arguement has shifted from pedestrian and bike safety to now we must reduce congestion. All of their stupid projects or removal of parking and traffic lanes including transit lanes have caused all of the congestion in the first place. San Francisco included.
    Reduction of congestion its true meaning is zero cars. Reducing congestion just makes a person stuck in traffic all day feel better wanting to support a “reducing congestion”plan.
    In theory Uber and lyft has gotten people out of their cars. So how exactly would a tax reduce traffic? The truth is it won’t. Changing a free carpool lane to a toll lane to reduce congestion? How? Wouldn’t more people be using it while it’s free?
    A tax on Uber and lyft is just another tax on the normal citizen as another way of funding for more dumb projects. San Francisco will soon follow suit.

    Sugary tax: no money has gone to diabities 2 only dumb projects.
    Gas tax: no money has gone to fix the roads as they have only gotten worse. Money has gone to dumb projects.
    Affordable housing bonds: affordable to whom? again rents are still at a stable high rate because of the economy. Zero affordable housing has been built. Affordable housing could easily be solved by shortening the wait long wait for section 8 which is true affordable housing.
    Property taxes: voted to raise the tax per parcel to protect the bay. Not one project has started as of yet.
    Muni bonds and funding: you got new buses new red carpet lanes and bus stops removed or shifted.
    Go back a few years sf health tax for coherent buds: they can’t even sweep up human shit.
    SF service tax all of sudden popping up on all utility bills. Why?
    As I have stated before they will introduce a single use paper cup tax in San Francisco. Why? Better for the environment for the sake of the people? A beautiful paper cup made of beautiful recyable paper that actually composes under ground is bad for the environment .

    With more taxes to come.

    Do you see the trend here? More and more taxes based on lies people’s fears and frustrations supposedly to fix problems that don’t even exist. More money for more dumb projects. Not your health not your safety. People need to wake up.


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