Just how awful is the California Department of Motor Vehicles?

By Susan Shelley : whittierdailynews – excerpt

Just when you thought the news about the California Department of Motor Vehicles couldn’t get worse, it got worse.

In February, the state Legislative Analyst’s Office released its review of Gov. Gavin Newsom’s transportation budget. The report reveals that the state’s Motor Vehicle Account has an “operational shortfall” of $400 million in the current year and is projected to be insolvent two years from now.

The Motor Vehicle Account receives most of its revenue from fees for vehicle registration and driver’s licenses, and the money goes mainly to support the activities of the California Highway Patrol and the DMV.

The LAO reports that the governor’s budget includes proposals intended to help the Motor Vehicle Account’s bleak condition, including shifting some expenditures to the state’s general fund. But it won’t be enough. The administration’s own projection foresees a shortfall of $40 million in 2021-22 and $150 million in 2022-23…

Submit your guess, and your opinion, to your elected representatives in Sacramento.

If you don’t have them on speed-dial yet, go online to findyourrep.legislature.ca.gov and get their names and contact information… (more)

Credit cards, payment plans, shorter lines: California lawmakers move to fix DMV

By Bryan Anderson : sacbee – excerpt

Is this enough to fix the DMV problem?

California lawmakers are moving to address some of the biggest problems at the state Department of Motor Vehicles. A number of proposals aimed at reducing wait times and improving service have recently been introduced.

These are some of the bills worth watching:

  • CREDIT CARDS, PAYMENT PLANS: AB 867 (Jim Wood, D-Healdsburg)
  • CAR REGISTRATIONS: SB 460 (Jim Beall, D-San Jose)


Internal dispute prompts suspension of Muni union president just as contract talks begin

By Joe Fitzgerald Rodriguez : sfexaminer – excerpt

Muni’s contract negotiations have taken a sharp turn before they’ve even started.

Transport Workers Union Local 250-A President Roger Marenco, representing some 2,000 Muni operators citywide, has been suspended from office just days before the start of major contract negotiations with city officials, the San Francisco Examiner has learned.

Marenco appears to have been ousted by political detractors who supported the previous unions president, in what you could call Muni’s own “Red Wedding.”…

Marenco, who took the presidency in April after a landslide vote by Muni operators, was — at least temporarily — removed from office last Thursday following a complaint by some union members that he improperly endorsed a candidate for recording secretary during a union meeting, prompting suspension by the local itself…

“The timing couldn’t be worse for members,” Glass told the Examiner. Seeing the union divided “never makes sense for membership when just before going into negotiations,” Glass said…

Indeed on Tuesday, Marenco was set to walk into negotiations, utilizing plans and allies he had built over the last three years at least. He has built a following of hundreds of Muni operators in a group text message system, and educated those union members in his YouTube video series “The Transit Talk.”

He even led the Muni union to rejoin the San Francisco Labor Council for the first time in years, gaining crucial allies ahead of negotiations. After Muni operator pay was exposed as a leading cause of Muni service shortages systemwide, Supervisor Vallie Brown vowed to help operators receive full pay that Marenco had agitated for… (more)

Suspicious actions as Union contracts begin. Sparks my fly over this. The union is supposed to protect the members that have to deal with SFMTA management. How would you like to work for Resikin? Not many people can stand up to that punishment for long. The chaotic leadership at SFMTA is a primary reason drivers leave Muni jobs. The number one job of the union is to protect their members. Who is doing that now? You may see a number of videos o Transit Talk videos on YouTube. Here is one below.