National union takes over Muni local in midst of contract talks, citing ‘infighting’ and ‘dy sfunction’

By Joe Fitzgerald Rodriguez : sfexaminer – excerpt

The leadership of Muni’s operator union has been kicked to the curb even as contract negotiations for roughly 2,000 drivers are underway, the San Francisco Examiner has learned.

Transport Workers Union Local 250-A’s leadership was suspended Thursday by the national union, the Transport Workers Union of America, who will take over ongoing contract negotiations with The City.

In the meantime, Local 250-A has been placed into “receivership” by the Transport Workers Union of America, which will assume all of the local’s responsibilities.

The fate of the Muni workers’ contract — and therefore their wages — could potentially solve, or worsen, an operator shortage that has slowed the commutes of tens of thousands of San Franciscans… (more)

In this season of global discontent, it does the public no good to comment on subjects they know nothing about. If driving a bus for Muni was an easy job, people would be lining up to do it.

Management is too busy trying to enforce impossible rules and regulations and has no time to figure out what the personnel problems are. Let us ask Ed Reiskin for a copy of his calendar from the last three months since he declared he would solve the problems with Muni meltdowns. He has clearly not met his own expectations. Let us see his calendar to find out what he spent his time on.

Then let us talk to the drivers who are quit and ask them why. We appreciate what the media is doing to uncover these problems with the union during the contracts, but, we need a few other facts. We can start by asking some direct questions before placing any blame.