Proposal to provide safe parking for RVs gains support

By Joe Fitzgerald Rodriguez :sfexaminer – excerpt

Mayor promises $1M in funding for program to help homeless living in vehicles

It looks like the road is wide open for a City Hall proposal to create a “Safe Overnight Parking Program” for residents living in camper vans.

Legislation authored by Supervisors Vallie Brown and Ahsha Safai calls for The City to create a homeless navigation center for people living in RVs, and would decriminalize living in vehicles while San Francisco officials work to help people find housing.

Monday morning, Supervisor Hillary Ronen signed on as the eighth co-sponsor of Brown and Safai’s legislation, lending the proposal a veto-proof supermajority as it winds its way through various committees to the full Board of Supervisors, where it’s expected to be voted on within two weeks… (more)

1 thought on “Proposal to provide safe parking for RVs gains support

  1. Scam!. These people are only going to be used for more parking space removal. That’s all this is. Homeless navigation center off of 3rd street bayview district parking lot removed. Navigation center at south van ness and division parking lot removed.

    The city has more than enough homeless funding for 3 20 story buildings for the homeless with a front desk. But rhey are not doing anything. Don’t buy into this they care about the homeless crap.

    Sometbing for you off topic:

    Wasn’t reginal measure 3 suppose to eliviate congestion around the Bay Area supposedly highways and not sf transit projects?

    Also supervisors appropriated $26mil. Yeah from where??? And for what??


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