Shared Electric Scooters Surge, Overtaking Docked Bikes

By Cathy Bussewitz : nbcbarea – excerpt

Love them or hate them, electric scooters are everywhere — zipping along city streets and littered on sidewalks, to the dismay of pedestrians and drivers who must share the road.

And now they have overtaken station-based bicycles as the most popular form of shared transportation outside transit and cars in the U.S… (more)

So, let’s cut out the expansion of the station-based bike shares. Let’s examine our public/private partnership agreements with Lyft over the Ford GoBikes. Request the documents that were supplied to the Board of Supervisors that lead them to approve the expansion. Who is signing up with GoBikes? How many are staying on those bikes once they try them and discover how they ride? Who is supplying the data?

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