Muni door investigation focuses on human error as well as equipment

By Rachel Swan : sfchronicle – excerpt

While pressure builds on Muni to add new door sensors to its troubled Siemens railcars after a woman got stuck and then fell on the tracks, the agency is investigating another possible source of blame: the driver…

“I’m not surprised the agency is looking into trying to discipline the operator,” he said. “It is common practice that the transit operator is the focal point of any accident, incident or collision.”

Marenco characterized the operator as a “scapegoat,” at a moment when Muni’s new Siemens fleet is under intense scrutiny

Muni operators have their own take on the door episode, one of four since last October. They say it validates concerns they have raised for months about faulty equipment, including doors that won’t always detect small objects, such as a finger or a backpack strap. Some have also complained that the camera monitors on the new trains are too small, and don’t provide an adequate field of vision…Muni’s top brass failed to “heed feedback from lower-level staff.”…(more)

When in doubt, blame the end-user or the human for the breakdown of a faulty system. REALLY ED?
Who do you blame for not listening to the operators warnings of problems they were having with the system?
Earth to Ed, the drivers are not your slaves and the public is not YOUR cashbox. You earn respect by giving it.

Blaming the driver or the public for a problem you ignored is like Boeing blaming pilots for not recovering fast enough when their planes get out of control. Humans have some limits and those limits must be respected. Machines work for humans not the other way around.