Union president: Muni operators willing to sacrifice days off to prevent more delays

By abc7news – excerpt (includes video)

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) — Problems with Muni have been mounting this entire month. An equipment issue led to a day of delays Friday and operators have been refusing to work overtime.

ABC7 News Reporter Luz Pena spoke exclusively with Roger Marenco, the president of the Transport Workers Union local 250. He has a strong message to workers: “Well, we saw the amount of people that were stranded and it’s not a good feeling. We are trying to promote the usage of public transportation. Operators are going to volunteer to work on their 6th and 7th day.”

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Friday’s delays impacted more than 100,000 riders from morning to night…

Muni operators are willing to sacrifice their days off to prevent more delays…(more)

Operators may return to working overtime if they feel confident their demands for a new contract and better treatment will be met. We hope City Hall got the message and will respond to the need for change.

This is called a victory!