Supervisor Norman Yee Puts West Portal Motorists Over Transit Riders

By Roger Rudick : streetsblog – excerpt

Pushes to veto study of traffic changes that would finally start prioritizing Muni over private cars

The SFMTA is planning to pilot a short stretch of transit- (and taxi) only lane in West Portal to help reduce delays to trains, in one direction, only during peaking morning rush hour. The idea is to look for ways to make the K and M lines, which are consistently slowed by automobile traffic, faster and more reliable.

From the SFMTA presentation showing the proposed changes:

However, Supervisor Norman Yee, who represents the district, is attempting to block the pilot.

Streetsblog was leaked a printout of an email from Yee to SFMTA Director Ed Reiskin and the SFMTA Board. In it, Yee creates a Catch-22. SFMTA is doing the pilot to see if getting cars out of the way will make Muni trains faster and less prone to delays. But Yee seems to want them to prove that it will reduce delays before they do the pilot, to justify doing the pilot to see if it will reduce delays… (more)

Read the article and do some more investigations of your own and, if you are concerned about this matter, please chime in with messages to the parties. Contacts for city officials:

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