Uber, Lyft riders find longer waits, backups with new SFO pickup plan

By Carolyn Said : sfchronicle – excerpt

San Francisco International’s new location for ride-hail pickups has left some riders and drivers frustrated when it caused traffic backups leading to longer waits— the exact problems it was supposed to prevent.

The airport diverted ride-hailing pickups to the top floor of the domestic parking garage starting last week, saying the cars were choking its roadways. It redesigned the rooftop level with new striping and several waiting areas for passengers. Uber and Lyft protested the change, particularly since it eliminated a program in which drivers dropping off passengers could immediately get paired with people seeking a ride home…(more)

SFMTA counts this as a victory. They love chaos. That is the thing they are best at. Since when have any of their plans worked to speed buses, protect pedestrians, or improve the flow of traffic? When conditions worsen at the rate they have on SF streets, it is hard to miss the fact that we have the wrong people for the job.

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