Fewer calls on city to ‘blow up’ taxi permit system

By Tim Redmond : 48hills – excerpt

Supes looking at ways to help mediallion holders facing unfair competition from Uber and Lyft

Sup. Sandra Lee Fewer yesterday called for the city to “blow up” its current taxi permit system, find a way to pay back drivers who spent up to $250,000 for a medallion just before Uber and Lyft illegally damaged the industry, and start all over again.

“It’s an outdated model,” Fewer said at a hearing today. “We are working with a framework of what we have.”…

Fewer suggested that the city buy back all the existing medallions, rent them out for a while to people who would have exclusive rights at SFO, and figure out how to completely redo the cab system in SF.… (more)

Finally a solution to clean up the the medallion mess. The city should buy them back since they devalued them.

2 thoughts on “Fewer calls on city to ‘blow up’ taxi permit system

  1. Thanks, Mari.

    This issue really matters, and I’m delighted my Supe is advocating for the cab drivers. The City has changed the rules in the middle of the game, and they should be required to compensate drivers for this.

    Our budget can withstand the money it will take to make these people whole again.




  2. Sfmta decided to sell madalions to make a quick $100mil. Prior to making the decision to sell a cap driver would wait about 10-15 years on a list for a free one. At that time to take your medalian to a cab company for color scheme and radio calls I think it was about $2700 to the cab company. Or the cab company would pay you and lease your medalian.

    So you have your medalian with a cab company and your driving. Paying $2700 a month for color scheme and radio calls. Today if you bought a medalian you had a $50,000 down payment plus $2800 a month. So let’s say your now at $5500 a month just for the medalian and using a cab companies colors and calls. Not to mention that you will have to buy a new car every 3-4 years to use as a cab. You have transportation insurance which is about $1100 which has gone up from about $800 because of rules and regulations. City also tagged on some extra charges for credi card processing. Worst case say $300 for credit card processing. Then you have the city raising the cab starting rates making a cab ride expensive. A perfect example of this is how the sfmta wanting to raise bus fare to pay for more crappy projects.

    Total $5800 a month. This does not include the cost of maintinence and income tax. Prior to the sfmta ruining the streets a cab driver would average $25-$30 an hour. Today it’s more like $15 an hour which is pretty much minimum wage. How do you pay the $5800 on minimum wage? A person can’t even afford $3600 a month for a one bedroom in the city on the lie that raising the minimum wage is anafforable living wage. That bs wasn’t affordable anything. It just helped get the city more payroll tax while twitter etc receive a patrol tax discount. Subsidized.

    It’s not Uber and lyft causing the problem. It’s the sfmta. A lot of ex cab drivers over the years they themselves shifted to Uber and lyft. It costs half the price to drive for them and they’re also willing to finance the car. If you rather not get a new car you can rent one $25 a day. Which is only $750 a month. Much less than $5800 a month.

    sfmta has made it way too expensive to drive a cab. I don’t like Uber or lyft but it’s not their fault. Uber and lyft are just scape goats for sf supervisors and sfmta bullshit.


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