Supervisors Threaten to Reject SFMTA’s Budget Amid Rising Frustration

By Ida Mojadad : sfweekly – excerpt

The Board of Supervisors have little say in SFMTA’s policies, except during budget season.

Supervisors on Monday threatened to wield the only substantial authority they have over the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Authority: rejecting its budget.

At the Land Use and Transporation Committee meeting on Monday, Supervisors Ahsha Safaí and Aaron Peskin ramped up talk of turning down the agency’s budget, which is up for consideration in the next few weeks. The tactic isn’t unheard of but comes amid rising frustration over SFMTA’s actions. This time, it was over cuts to parking attendants in the 39 city-owned garages…

Peskin and Safaí sought answers about future cuts to parking attendant staff that were largely rebuffed, and now promise to take a close look at the issue as they approve, or disapprove SFTMA’s roughly $1 billion budget.

“This is a situation where an agency that has little, if any oversight…we have the thumbs up or down,” Safaí said about the budget. “More and more, it’s becoming apparent that we’re going to have to exercise that authority.”… (more)

If you agree with Safai and Peskin that the budget should not pass this year as a threat to the SFMTA, you should let your supervisors know. Contacts are here:

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