Supervisor Walton Has His Hands Full with District 10 Challenges

by Bettina Cohen : potreroview – excerpt

District 10 Supervisor Shamann Walton was quick to deliver on at least one campaign promise after he took office last January, announcing in his first week that switchbacks on the T Third Street Muni Metro line would be eliminated…

“He was proactive on the T-line. He got Muni to agree to stop that nonsense,” said India Basin resident and general contractor Michael Hamann. “God knows it’s not fixed, but they’re finally listening to people south of the ballpark that they haven’t listened to before.”

Walton is tackling other District 10 quality of life issues, including those related to illegal dumping and public safety, and paying attention to challenges that affect the District’s youth of color…(more)

Weeks before deadly crash, SFMTA made changes to Tenderloin intersection to prevent wrecks

By Kate Larsen : abc7news – excerpt

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) — The deadly wreck at Taylor and O’Farrell Streets on Sunday has put the Tenderloin intersection in the spotlight.

Kelsey Cambridge was arrested for allegedly speeding through a red light at the intersection, hitting cars and killing and injuring tourists in a crosswalk…

But just three weeks prior, SFMTA made major changes in the area, reducing Taylor Street from three lanes to two and adding painted white buffer zones, all to prevent exactly the type of crash that happened.

“It’s absolutely devastating when you work so hard on a project and what we see immediately is a fatality,” said Chava Kronenberg, the program manager for Vision Zero, SFMTA’s effort to end traffic deaths. She’s pushing for state lawmakers to pass legislation for automated cameras that ticket speeders. “Nationally, it is proven to reduce the number of injuries and fatalities.”…

Working so hard on a project that fails to get the desired result, could mean the project was ill-conceived, but, of course the SFMTA will never admit they made a mistake. They will do more of the same until someone stops them.

On Thursday, Kronenberg and other city staffers spoke with concerned neighbors about traffic safety at a meeting in the Tenderloin.

Earl Tinsley Cousart says SFMTA needs to re-time the walk signals…(more)

Good idea. Time the lights for the pedestrians instead of the faster traffic. Give the pedestrians all the time they need to cross. Loner lights will slow the traffic down and a single set of lights is less confusing that trying to get all the modes to follow a different set of directions.  How long will it take for the SFMTA to figure this out?


After wheels stolen on car, victims get parking ticket

By Henry Lee : ktvu – excerpt (includes video)

It was a rough morning for one couple. They had their wheels stolen from their car left on milk crates. Then they received an @sfmta_muni parking ticket while on the phone w/ the insurance company for not moving during street sweeping 

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (KTVU) – “They just came, ripped off the wheels and took off,” says Dan Dow of San Francisco

Dow’s 2016 Toyota Corolla was left on milk crates after a thief or thieves stole all the wheels from his car, which was parked at 17th and Cabrillo in San Francisco’s Richmond District.

His wife Kristan Dow said, “All four the tires have been completely removed, and they were sitting on black milk crates.”

And less than an hour later, they found a $79 parking ticket on the windshield – for not moving the car for street sweeping…

“I was livid. I was completely livid when I walked outside,” Kristan Dow said. “So it was kind of a slap in the face to an already horrible morning.”

A meter reader with San Francisco’s Department of Parking and Traffic ticketed the car as the couple was on the phone with police and their insurance company…(more)

News anchors are becoming quite vocal in their opinions over these incidents, making the public more aware of the injustices where they see them. Will this wake the sleeping public up to the inhumane treatment people experience daily from the SFMTA and other city agencies that lack transparency and oversight. This is the poster child for bureaucracy run amuck.


Plan to raise $100 billion in taxes to fix Bay Area traffic taking shape

abc7news – excerpt (includes video)

A plan to raise $100 billion to fix Bay Area traffic could be put to a vote in 2020.

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) — When it comes to traffic the Bay Area has some of the worst jams around.

With the population still growing, it’s estimated it could reach 10 million by 2040. Local officials are looking to keep up by generating $100 billion through a tax measure…

While the dollar figure is massive, the measure would seek to generate the funds over several decades with a penny sales tax…(more)

This story follows the one about the huge deficit the SFMTA has run up on the Central Subway project and their lack of ability to handle these jobs. Until these issue over management of major projects is dealt with, we question the wisdom of raising taxes for more big projects that claim they will “fix” the traffic problems. Nothing has “fixed” traffic after billions of dollars pouring into “fixing” it. We are billions into digging holes and the traffic is worse than ever. Let’s see how much the traffic improves with the next gas tax before suggesting any more taxes.

RELATED: New California gas tax kicking in on July 1 (more)

Central Subway contractor dispute threatens to bust budget

By Joe Fitzgerald Rodriguez : sfexaminer – excerpt

Muni’s $1.6 billion Central Subway project is nearly out of money.

An independent federal monitor warns in a new report that the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency may soon spend its last federal dollar for the project and exhaust the “contingency” budget meant to cover cost overruns

“In the opinion of the (independent monitor), the rapid increase in claims by (Tutor Perini) calls into question the adequacy of the program contingency” budget, the independent monitor wrote in a May report obtained by the San Francisco Examiner. “Unless the claims are settled for less than the claimed amount, there is a risk that the program budget could be exceeded,” the monitor wrote…

“This is ridiculous. Federal oversight is specifically calling out a dysfunctional relationship between SFMTA and Tutor Perini, which is increasing the likelihood that the project might end up costing more than even the contingency fund,” said Cat Carter, a spokesperson with the San Francisco Transit Riders. “This is hurting communities and merchants from Chinatown to Union Square to SOMA.”…(more)

How much more proof do we need? SFMTA is a failed system that excels in two things, lying and making excuses. We don’t need to pay another dime for lies and excuses. We need to see a Charter Amendment written and promoted by City Hall that will realign the department to make it subservient to the public and the elected officials. Nothing short of that will do. Stop approving new projects until the big two, Central Subway and Van Ness mess, are complete and paid for.

Free Muni, Uber crackdowns and bikeshare support — D5 supervisor candidates stake out transportation positions

By Joe Fitzgerald Rodriguez : sfexaminer – excerpt

Free Muni for all, car-free streets, a crackdown on scofflaw Uber drivers, and even a new tax to raise money for transit service citywide — all of these ideas and more were on the table at a District 5 supervisor candidate forum Monday night at the Park branch library.

The candidates are vying to represent the Haight, Fillmore, Inner Sunset and other neighborhoods on this November’s ballot. At Monday’s event, candidates Vallie Brown, Dean Preston, Ryan Lam, and Nomvula O’Meara laid out their visions on transportation for District 5 residents.

Among other ideas, Brown suggested a “big” state transit bond to fund Muni, increasing fees to developers to pay for transit improvements near new housing, and supporting the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency’s plan to revamp curb space in San Francisco…

Preston, on the other hand, hammered against one transportation mode in particular — Uber, Uber, Uber…

Brown countered that only California regulators and legislature can make fundamental changes to how Uber and Lyft are regulated. County and city legislators cannot pass laws regarding ride-hail use, she pointed out…

But Preston pressed on, and said “I’m not sympathetic to the arguments that we can’t regulate them.” Supervisors should “go to the state level” and advocate for change, he said…(more)

Dean Preston has a lot of experience getting things done in Sacramento. He has proven to be an effective advocate at the state level.

BART Taking State Regulators to Court in Long, Costly Fight Over Track Worker Deaths

By Jaxon Van Derbeken : nbcbayarea – excerpt (includes video)

BART is spending hundreds of thousands of rider dollars on an extraordinary legal challenge of the state Public Utilities Commission’s authority to punish the transit agency for breaking its own safety rules in the deaths of two track workers back in 2013, NBC Bay Area’s investigative unit has learned. Jaxon Van Derbeken reports. (Published Thursday, July 18, 2019)…(more)

Why we need to stop raising our taxes. BART riders are paying higher rates to sue themselves. This is the new regional plan in action.

Flooding at Embarcadero Station in San Francisco Causes Trouble for Muni, BART

By NBC Bay Area staff : nbcbayarea – excerpt (includes video)

Flooding at the Embarcadero station in San Francisco triggered issues for both BART and Muni Thursday morning, according to the transit agencies.

The “drainage issue” has primarily impacted Muni, which still has its trains bypassing the station. BART service was temporarily impacted, but normal service has resumed and trains are once again stopping at the station… (more)

Police detain truck driver involved in fatal San Francisco hit-and-run

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) — San Francisco police have detained the driver of a tractor-trailer who was involved in a deadly hit-and-run in the city’s Tenderloin neighborhood.

ABC7 News Reporter Jobina Fortson was there when officers closed off Broadway St. between Front and Battery…(more)

E-scooter permit program made permanent, number of vehicles may expand

By Joe Fitzgerald Rodriguez : sfexaminer – excerpt

City sets tough standards for companies hoping to win approval to operate in San Francisco

e-scooter rentals are here to stay, and soon their numbers may grow.

But if companies like Scoot, Skip and others want to rent e-scooters in San Francisco, they’re going to have to ensure they recruit customers who aren’t just white, male and rich, like the majority of those riding the “shared” e-scooters here now, according to a recent city survey… (more)

Tax on Uber, Lyft rides heading to voters

By Joshua Sabatini : sfexaminer – excerpt

New fee intended to reduce traffic congestion, fund transit

A tax on fares charged to riders of transportation services like Uber and Lyft is heading to the November ballot.

The Board of Supervisors Budget and Finance Committee approved of the tax Wednesday and the full board is expected to vote next week to place it on the Nov. 5 ballot…(more)

Never miss a chance to tax instead of correcting a bad decision, like removing parking. When motorist had the option of parking to take the bus, their were more people taking it. Of course there were more seats and bus stops and less crowding on Muni as well.