SFO Opens New Parking Lot to Relieve Ride-Hailing Traffic Congestion

By Wilson Walker : cbslocal – excerpt (includes video)

SAN FRANCISCO INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT (KPIX) — After a month of congestion on the southern end of San Francisco International Airport, a new parking lot has been opened in hopes of ending the gridlock. As for whether or not it’s going to work, that will take some time to determine.

“They don’t give me the right instructions,” said one ride-hailing driver upon arriving at SFO’s new TNC waiting lot. “I tried to get over here but I don’t see the signal so I might go back to Lot 1 and 2 back in Millbrae.”

There was some confusion among drivers, even some last-minute lane striping by airport crews, but, as of 9 o’clock Friday morning, SFO had officially opened its northern rideshare lot. Getting all of the drivers up to speed is still a work in progress…(more)

This is disturbing on so many levels. First, why are our government officials spending so much time and effort to assist the TNCs? Have they made it easier for the public to choose taxis? or other alternative rides? If not, isn’t this unfair business competition? Last time I took a shuttle (remember the shuttles?) from the airport, the driver had to go through some strange maneuvers, circling around the airport instead of just waiting for riders to approach a single parked shuttle. Where are they getting an extra parking lot? Did they take it away from some other users?