Bay Area uses TAXES/FEES to Make Itself Even MORE Unaffordable for Real People

By Ryan Levi : kqed – excerpt

Getting around the Bay Area is about to get a little more expensive, regardless of how you do it.

Monday, a 5.6-cent gas tax increase took effect, bringing the total of all California’s state and local levies on gasoline to about 61 cents. The increase is the latest mandated by SB 1, a measure that’s raising more than $50 billion for highway and transit projects statewide.

Driving across the Golden Gate Bridge in particular will put a slightly bigger dent in your wallet starting on Monday.

Crossing the famous span will cost FasTrak users $7.35, up from $7, and those without FasTrak will have to pay $8.20, up from $8. Riding Golden Gate buses and ferries will also cost more with most fares going up 25 to 50 cents…(more)

Even feel like your government is trying to make your life harder? They sure think you can pay more to live here. I looks like the public is voting with its feet. Remove our seats? remove our stops? Charge us more for less? We will figure out another way to get around thank you.

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