Lyft Keeps Exclusive Rights to San Francisco Bike-Share Market

By MARIA DINZEO : courthousenews – excerpt

SAN FRANCISCO (CN) – Siding with tech giant Lyft, a California judge barred San Francisco from soliciting other vendors to operate a bike rental program in the city.

Ruling from the bench Thursday, San Francisco Superior Court Judge Ethan Schulman said the city must honor an agreement giving Lyft the exclusive rights to rent bikes that are both free-floating around the city or tethered to a docking station.

Lyft also has the right of first offer on electric bikes, which it planned roll out before becoming embroiled in a contract dispute with the city over its pedal-powered ones. Schulman said the city must negotiate in good faith with Lyft for 90 days before offering permits to other e-bike vendors.

He also said he wouldn’t stop the city from allowing JUMP, a company owned by Lyft’s competitor Uber, to continue a pilot program that puts 500 dockless electric bikes on the streets during negotiations with Lyft…(more)

They may have the exclusive right to putting the bikes on the street, but, not to rent bikes in the city. Anyone can rent out of a storefront to operate out of, and customers can boycott a bully.

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