Safe parking site for homeless who live in their vehicles proposed near Balboa Park BART

By Joe Fitzgerald Rodriguez : sfexaminer – excerpt

Facility would offer social services, security, bathrooms for overnight parkers

It’s been a long road, but homeless RV and car dwellers may finally be able to park and rest.

City officials have proposed a Balboa Park site for the first “triage center” site for people living in their vehicles. The site at 500 Geneva Ave. at Balboa Upper Yards, announced Supervisors Ahsha Safai and Vallie Brown Monday, would provide a safe place to park and social services.

“We’ve seen a rise in homeless people living in their cars in our neighborhood,” Safai told the San Francisco Examiner Monday. “This is an honest conversation, nothing’s been decided yet.”

A community meeting is planned at Balboa High School from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. to allow residents to weigh in on the plan this Saturday, July 20. Should the community be on board, Safai said he expects the pilot to begin in November, pending new legislation to lock-in the site…

People would be allowed to stay on site 90 days, with options for renewal until housing is made available. The proposal also has the support of the Coalition on Homelessness, which has long advocated for services specifically for those living in vehicles.…(more)

Let’s hope this operation is successful. The option of a longer term options should make this program a better deal than the navigation centers have offered.

1 thought on “Safe parking site for homeless who live in their vehicles proposed near Balboa Park BART

  1. The city has more than enough funding for the homeless. Enough to build two 20 story buildings and has them all with services.

    The homeless are being used for more parking removal and as an excuse for more development AKA “affordable housing”. As we have a new “affordable housing” measure coming to a ballot near you. Which essentially means subsidized development.


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