Central Subway contractor dispute threatens to bust budget

By Joe Fitzgerald Rodriguez : sfexaminer – excerpt

Muni’s $1.6 billion Central Subway project is nearly out of money.

An independent federal monitor warns in a new report that the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency may soon spend its last federal dollar for the project and exhaust the “contingency” budget meant to cover cost overruns

“In the opinion of the (independent monitor), the rapid increase in claims by (Tutor Perini) calls into question the adequacy of the program contingency” budget, the independent monitor wrote in a May report obtained by the San Francisco Examiner. “Unless the claims are settled for less than the claimed amount, there is a risk that the program budget could be exceeded,” the monitor wrote…

“This is ridiculous. Federal oversight is specifically calling out a dysfunctional relationship between SFMTA and Tutor Perini, which is increasing the likelihood that the project might end up costing more than even the contingency fund,” said Cat Carter, a spokesperson with the San Francisco Transit Riders. “This is hurting communities and merchants from Chinatown to Union Square to SOMA.”…(more)

How much more proof do we need? SFMTA is a failed system that excels in two things, lying and making excuses. We don’t need to pay another dime for lies and excuses. We need to see a Charter Amendment written and promoted by City Hall that will realign the department to make it subservient to the public and the elected officials. Nothing short of that will do. Stop approving new projects until the big two, Central Subway and Van Ness mess, are complete and paid for.

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