Lyft halts e-bike program after bicycle batteries catch fire in SF

By Joe Fitzgerald Rodriguez : sfexaminer – excerpt

The flames appear to have originated from the battery

The battery of an electric Lyft bicycle appeared to catch fire Wednesday in the Lower Haight.

Additionally, a second San Francisco Lyft e-bike — including its battery —seems to have caught fire for an unknown reason on Saturday.

In response, Lyft began making its thousand e-bikes San Francisco “unavailable to riders” Wednesday afternoon. Riders won’t be able to rent one of these e-bikes via cellphone app until Lyft deems them safe to ride.

Shortly after the incident was reported, San Francisco lawmakers called on Lyft to be transparent about the incident and to take them off the road until they’re proven safe…(more)

Are these the same bikes that were pulled for having dangerous brakes? And is this the company SFMTA and MTC made the deal with to give exclusive access to the right to operate on our streets? How many more mistakes is Lyft/Ford/GpBikes/Motivate allowed to make before someone claims they forfeited the exclusive deal?