Potrero Bus Yard May be Next Stop for Housing

By Michael Iacuessa : potreroview – excerpt

In the face of sky-high construction costs and ongoing housing shortages, the San Francisco Municipal Transit Agency (SFMTA) wants to partner with a private developer to build upwards of 800 homes at its Potrero Yard when the bus facility is reconstructed over the next ten years…

“They are in the process of trying to determine what sort of project they are going to try to push for,” said J.R. Eppler, who represents the Potrero Boosters on the working group.

The housing concept puts the agency in uncharted territory. In the 2017 hiring contract for a consultant, Hatch Associates, to evaluate the viability of the idea, SFMTA noted it’d never “undertaken a public private partnership of this magnitude, and there appear to be few precedents in the United States for a combined bus yard/joint development facility.” What’s more, SFMTA hasn’t identified another instance anywhere in the world in which residences have been co-located with a bus station…

The bus facility is expected to need 70 feet for the first three stories; two stories currently exist. SFMTA has suggested adding as much as eight levels of housing above that.

Mary Haywood Sheeter, a working group member who represents Friends of Franklin Square, said residents are worried about potential park darkening

Over the summer SFMTA intends to explore the necessary elements for the bus facility itself. “We want to answer questions about what Muni is doing in the building versus what other things might be on the site,” said Iberri. “We haven’t really talked about that.” She said the agency will offer public tours of the complex this month. “It will help us make the case for why we need to do it. It’s an old building so it tells the story pretty well of why we need to rebuild.”… (more)

2 thoughts on “Potrero Bus Yard May be Next Stop for Housing

  1. A while back I made a statement on here about a measure that was on the ballot and passed. I don’t remember which. It was that measure that allows the city to sell off any city owned property to developers. Then label it as “affordable housing” pulling money out of the “affordable housing” bonds.

    In plain English the used homeless and human safety as an excuse to encourage citizens to allow the city to sell offcity owned property to developers and have citizens subsidize the developments.


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