Muni Had Meltdown On N-Judah Line Just As Crowds Were Leaving Outside Lands Sunday

By Jay Berman : sfist – excerpt

Muni fails again, and this time with some drama Sunday night as an N-train’s doors jam and hundreds became trapped in sweltering cars for about 40 minutes Sunday night after Paul Simon’s set finished…

I may have been on the last N-train to successfully depart the Outer Sunset Sunday at around 9:55 p.m., because my colleague Joe Kukura reports that he got stuck on a “sardine-packed” train with doors jammed shut between 10:15 and 10:55 — all while three other trains became backed up behind it for over an hour. “We were trapped in insane heat and crowds and couldn’t get off,” Kukura says. “A couple passengers started having panic attacks and heat stroke so we pried the doors open with our hands to get out because the driver wouldn’t let us out. The red emergency door open levers were not working.”…(more)

What are the odds MUNI will not fail when crowds of people depend on it? This time it sounds like an actual meltdown with hot passengers on board. Glad I was not there to witness that.

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