SF sets a high bar for Lyft on electric bike rentals

By Joe Fitzgerald Rodriguez :sfexainer – excerpt

Newly spelled out city requirements could open the door for other e-bike providers

The City is taking a harder line with Lyft in requiring its bikeshare e-bikes to be available in San Francisco at all times, the San Francisco Examiner has learned.

And those strict new rules could potentially set the stage for The City to allow other bikeshare operators in San Francisco to offer e-bikes if Lyft fails to comply, insiders with knowledge of the industry said.

Lyft has struggled to provide the contractually obligated minimum number of e-bikes in San Francisco in recent months, prompting these stricter requirements in new rules emailed to the company on August 5, which were obtained by the Examiner… (more)

There are many ways to deal with bad deals and The City might have found one. Maybe we need to move to the stainless bike share model that most people seem to prefer. And maybe there are better, safer products out there than those offered by Lyft.

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