Safe parking site up for approval

By Laura Waxman : sfexaminer – excerpt

Neighbors, Planning Commission to weigh in on facility for homeless living in vehicles

The San Francisco Planning Commission on Thursday will weigh a proposal to temporarily use a parking lot near the Balboa Park Bart Station as an overnight rest stop for RV and car dwellers, complete with services.

Pending the commission’s approval, the city planning code would be amended to allow long-term parking and overnight camping in vehicles, as well as the addition of restrooms and showering facilities at a current parking lot near the Balboa Park Bart Station that is slated for the construction of 100 percent affordable housing next year.

If approved, city officials estimate that the Safe Overnight Parking Pilot program could launch at the site for one year as early as November. The program aims to provide sites for eligible homeless people currently living in their vehicles to park and sleep and receive case management and social services…(more)

2 thoughts on “Safe parking site up for approval

  1. There is an RV park over by candlestick park location.

    This is only a ploy to get again get rid of a parking lot using homeless RVs as an excuse. Most of the streets today that have a no parking large autos or RV rules no one would park on those streets at night anyway.

    Selling city property as well as parking lots to developers under the disguise of affordable housing subsidized by us using homeless as an excuse.
    Removing more parking lots using RV homeless as an excuse. Removing parking spots on a street using pedestrian safety as anexcuse while people do not get hit by parked cars.
    Removal of traffic lanes for bike lanes Using safety for the 6% riders as an excuse.
    Not to mention soda taxes, propertaxes for the bay, and so on.

    I hope you understand the game.

    Their trend is everybody is dying, sick and homeless, the bay is dirty which will kill us and we are all dying anyway because we are going to drown when the sea level rises. To prevent all of this give us money to comepletly change your way of life and the way you travel. In the meantime we are going to not worry about kids smoking weed or people doing heroin on the streets, But ban vapes and their flavors and you must drink out of a paper straw. These musts will hopefully keep you comfortable while we screw you out of the money we are using to change your life.

    Disclaimer: although we have informed you that you will all drown we are going ahead with the development of treasure island using your money. In addition to your money the banks that hate losing money will be funding these developments as they know they won’t be losing a penny do to sea level rise. I mean come on if the sea were to really rise we’d have no bank funding as they hate losing money. Hence they kick you out of your home for missed payment. Adding to development we will be implimenting a $2.50 fee to drive on to the island.

    My comments above: we have been hearing this crap for 5-10 years. The governments respinse is give us money to relieve you of all of these problems.


    • I am calling it the Musical Chairs plan. Who decided that we have no place to be? We are living in a musical chairs game where there is no where to call home, park your private vehicle, secure your private belongings. Who is benefiting from forcing people to move constantly? People are no longer secure in the knowledge that they have a home or anything real and tangible they can call their own. No wonder people are going crazy. They fee no peace and calm.


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