Muni red lanes on 16th Street would hurt us, some businesses say

By Abraham Rodriguez : missionlocal – excerpt

Nearly a dozen businesses along 16th Street said that the addition of transit-only red lanes along the two-mile stretch between Church and Mission Bay will lead to increased congestion, drive customers away and make it difficult to accept deliveries.

“It’s already crowded with two lanes,” said Art Herzallah, a manager at Stanza Cafe.“All these changes, they’re for the ballpark and the new arena, not for us.”

Mission Street businesses have criticized how the red lanes on that thoroughfare have affected their bottom line.

The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency plans to start construction in Spring 2020, turning one lane between Bryant and Church Streets in the westbound direction into a bus-only lane. The area most affected by the lane changes will be in Potrero Hill, where two lanes of the street will be converted to transit-only lanes starting at Bryant Street all the way until Missouri near 7th Street. The agency will also install new underground piping and add new trees… (more)

1 thought on “Muni red lanes on 16th Street would hurt us, some businesses say

  1. That’s just to bad. They have known about it for 3 1/2-5 years. I’ve also mentioned it on this blog even leaving a link to the sfmta plans for 16th st. Including links for its funding. No one has tried to do anything about it. Vote these people in, vote on stupid measures that fund these stupid plans. Then complain and do nothing. I feel bad saying this but I hope this project shuts all those businesses down. Then maybe they’ll pull their heads out of their asses and begin doing something productive towards stopping this crap..


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