OMG: The Central Subway Has Been Delayed Again, Pushed to 2021

By Jay Barmann : sfist – excerpt

The Central Subway now will not be opening until mid-2021, a full three years behind schedule, and a year and a half later than we were last told. Construction isn’t even set to be finished until the middle of next year, and then a year of train testing begins.

We learned in July that another delay was imminent on this cursed, $1.6 billion project, even though back in April an SFMTA spokesperson was still talking about a possible December 2019 opening, and saying that February 2020 was more likely. We’re now hearing from KPIX and the Chronicle that those dates had to have been complete hogwash, and that construction is much further behind than anyone previously admitted…

The latest delay seems like it will inevitably send the project further over budget, though those details haven’t yet been shared. …(more)

Do you believe in the Tooth Fairy or the Wizard? Then you might believe this latest update on the every-extending deadline for the opening of SF’s notorious Central Subway. Good luck on that.

This project sounds more and more like the Millennium Tower. No one admits to having seen that agreement either. I give both odds of not happening before the next big one and never happening.

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