Taxi Takeover

I was sitting on this because I have better things to do than write about public transit complaints, but, I just heard from someone who called to let me know he is waiting, around 16th and Florida or Bryant I assume, for a bus to the Bay where one assumes there is a Chase Center or Ballpark event tonight. He is not driving since he got a ticket for parking longer than 45 minutes the other night. So much for “all parking is 4 hours or it is unlimited.” Don’t believe that one.

The story is that he was just passed up by am empty express bus whizzing past him at the bus stop. Not sure how he will handle the situation, but that is the case now. He may have to try to take a cab.

This brings us to our cab adventures last week. Those were more like Uber or Lyft rides since the drivers didn’t know how to drive without directions on a GPS phone app. Not sure what the directions were, but, the driver started by driving East instead of West along the regular route. He finally turned around and took a turn west on Duboce. He got us there, just took a circuitous route.

The ride back was a trip down a rabbit hole, or felt like it. Fortunately the driver knew the way because the GPS kept telling him to turn left at every turn, including the wrong way on Gough. I was laughing all the way in the back seat shaking my head in disbelief. It was really too much. GPS giving the driver the wrong instructions and two cab drivers in a single night that used GPS. Whatever happened to taxi drivers passing tests?

I felt like the infamous “drive by night” writer working undercover. I am now convinced the the cab business has contaminated by Uber and Lyft drivers. You can no longer trust the taxis to be reliable and honest either. They certainly are not passing any drivers tests. The Red Lanes and the no turns are also very confusing for these drivers.

If I were to suggest a solution to the traffic problem it would start with a new department containing people who know how to drive around the city and I would start by bringing back street parking for people who just need to get around without any drama or fanfare. The merry-go-round lifestyle is getting old fast.

I am pretty sure that more people would take the muni if the drivers stopped to pick them up.

Good night and good luck getting home tonight on whatever mode you can.