Why the Mission District Bus-Only Red Lanes Bug a Lot of People

sfpublicpress – excerpt (includes audio track from KSFP 102.5 FM)

The red bus-only lanes in the Mission District are controversial. They have been blamed for reducing parking spaces and foot traffic, impeding motorists and decreasing the number of customers patronizing neighborhood businesses. Mission Local reporter Abe Rodriguez talks about the cons, and pros — easing traffic congestion and lessening air pollution — of these transit lanes.

It’ll be interesting to see how this entire thing plays out, especially if you have a lot of traffic in the area.” — Abe Rodriguez, Mission Local reporter… (more)

Can you say redevelopment? Red Lanes are a great way to clear businesses out of a commercial street that you want to up zone. Nothing kills businesses like red lanes, especially if you add forced turns and complicated confusing lane changes. One trip up Mission Street is enough to make you stay away. Delivery services are probably charging extra to pay for the tickets they get stopping to unload.

Now the SFMTA wants to extend the Red Lanes to 16th Street to clear the way for dense development there. They have already cut local bus service on 16th Street to ensure a lot of free express buses for Chase Customers. If you are wondering what happened to your bus, you may find it flying up and down 16th Street with very few passengers onboard, but, hey, we need to support that Chase Center.