Critics challenge new Bay Area housing calculus

By Richard Halstead : mercurynews – excerpt

Critics are raising questions about a new methodology used to project how much new housing will need to be built in the Bay Area by 2050.

At a public hearing Thursday in San Francisco, Susan Kirsch of Mill Valley, founder of the slow-growth group Livable California, was among about a dozen people concerned about the change in procedure used by the Association of Bay Area Governments. Kirsch said she fears it will result in higher estimates, and ultimately, denser housing.

“We know that this is leading towards having high regional housing needs assessment numbers,” Kirsch said, although ABAG staff disagreed…

Other critics of the methodology said that ABAG and the Metropolitan Transportation Commission are doing too little to address the imbalance between jobs and housing in the Bay Area… (more)

According to this article, two transportation agencies, ABAG and MTC, are addressing the jobs-housing imbalance in the Bay Area. Why are these appointee-staffed and managed regional agencies, set up to manage the regional traffic and transportation systems taking on housing and land use before finessing the job they were set up to do? MTC controls the money for the transportation projects, and there are billions of dollars sloshing around in those budgets. I guess I just answered my own question. It is all about the money. The elected local government officials don’t do much more than stamp approval on one project after another.